Healty Tips Benefits Of pomegranate peel!

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Here I am going to explain how to become healthy by using home remedies and simple tips and some care to make sure you are taking care of yourself in an easy and cheap way.

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Use of pomegranate:

  1. If you are fighting with the cough and mucus you should use pomegranate peel, How you will use it let me explain it with details,

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You will have to take the peel of pomegranate and then placed it in a cover or plate to the sunshine and when the sun hit these peel it will loss the moisture and it will be dry. These dry peel pieces should be kept in a bottle or pan.

How to Use it For treatment?

All you need to take some water in a pan and then place it on a fire and put some dry pieces in the water on slow flam until it boils well, Atleast you will have to take 2 cup of water and boils till it left one cup and then remove the pieces of peel from Tea . It almost same as a green tea , It like a pomegranate peels tea.

Perfect Time for Treatment:

Drink that hot tea before going to bed at night time, peel your mouth and kept it away from cold air. Do it few night and you will feel changes in your mucus and cough problem.

Purpose of Sharing these Tips:

I think its important to share these tips because its in not having side effects.
It is easy to do it at home.
It is less costly and more beneficial.
Now a days the medicine are not good quality specially in my state so it’s better to use these home remedies to get a good health and relieve from such disease .

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Very informative. Thanks for sharing

Awesome tip, I’m going to use this right away. No cost to start making this tea makes it precisely something everyone can duplicate.


yes its natural and it have no side effects at all and simple to make one try its really healthy brother

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The fruit seems to be extremely useful to human!

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Wow..I never knew peel can be so useful.


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I will definitely try it once

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i have more tips for my friend soon

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Love this post and I think pomegranates are awesome! I have never had pomegranate peel tea before but I can't wait to try it! :) Thanks for sharing! I love to learn something new everyday!

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