Canadian Truck Convoy Relief FundHacker?

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A Canadian man who has publicly claimed credit for cyber attacks on free speech alternative website Gab and First Amendment domain registrar Epik has a history of being employed by the FBI.


Tammy Giuliani, owner of Stella Luna Gelato Cafe, said she has been forced to close the doors of her Ottawa business due to threats from extremists after her name appeared on the list. The Freedom Convoy is a protest movement calling for an end to all civil rights violations imposed on Canadians allegedly to prevent the spread of Chinese coronavirus.

......the Canadian government or police may have had a role in the hack of the GiveSendGo list, saying, “I feel very frightened of my government right now, and no one really shouldn’t have to feel frightened of the government,” noting the fact leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invoked emergency powers through the never-before-used Emergencies Act.

Ottawa Police Chief Resigns Day After Trudeau Invokes Emergencies Act

Perhaps he's afraid of his government also? Oh Wait! Isn't he part of the government?

It’s weird. Trudeau invokes the Emergencies Act and then Ottawa’s police chief loses his job. I saw people say Police Chief Peter Sloly resigned, but it looks like the city was going to fire him

in other news

John McAfee’s Death Officially Ruled Suicide


Epstein didn't kill himself

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