@Poloniex Account No Longer Function

in #poloniex6 years ago

A Note to All , Do not send your Funds to @poloniex Account.
They have CEASE function.

A Note to @ned , who own @misterdelegation , Delegate 10 K worth of SP to this account.
Why? Don't you all have better to delegate to other Curators Accounts that need it more?

This has come to my attention during my investigation on certain Accounts and have come across this undaunted Account @poloniex that have Trap many Funds.


Beneficial information @bullionstackers , hard to find this info without you..resteemed

Yeah! Polo and hitbtc they have not worked for a long time!!!

Thanks for your visit. Mr Ratel

Berarti mereka juga akun phising ya?
Berikan perintahmu @bullionsteckers selaian tidak mengirim sbd atau sp kemereka. apa lagi yang harus kami lakukan. kamisiap atas instruksi yang kamu keluarkan.

Ini bukan phishing
Tapi semua Dana sankut didalam akun .
Jangan kena sankut ..

terima kasih atas informasi dan dukunganya.

terimakasih atas informasinya sahabat,@bullionstackers

Terimakasih atas informasinya @bullionstackers

good info for those who are looking to exchange funds.

wow really a very good post my best friend thanks for the information @bullionstackers

maybe that sends it bulum know, thanks for letting us know @bullion

Thank you for sharing this information Mr. @bullionstackers

this is really a very outer post can continue to work and provide information that is very useful @bullionstackers

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