Pollution and Transmutation.

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I’ve just landed in Paris again.

This is the last part of my vacation before I return to the United States.

I have deep gratitude for the divine allowing me to have this experience I had a majestic trip with beautiful people surrounding me.

I feel like writing and pouring out things, thoughts, feelings, experiences and synchronicities.

So here it goes…

My dreams visions and downloads don’t take a vacation and all of these magical gifts are pouring through more intensely. Currently I believe movement in life whether it’s exercising or traveling creates movement of energy and allows more energy to flow through us so traveling has created a huge movement of energy through my entire being.

I have been pondering the pollution that haunts this world.

Our oceans our bodies the animals the skies the rain.

Pollution has reached even the most sacred places sadly.

I recently read an article that stated our bodies are full of plastic on a monocular level. I believe that plastics in the body are the culprit for many modern day illnesses. I’m aware that plastic effects women’s hormones and throws them off.

Pollution is one of this world’s biggest problems.
We cannot send our trash into space though some governments possibly have that plan.
But this still won’t fix this massive problem, in fact space is polluted with enough of our trash already in the form of old satellites. It’s wrong to attempt to throw our trash into beautiful space.

I have explained many times that I believe we have all the solutions to wield issues within us.

I call them soulutions, solutions that are downloaded from the soul when we tap into our inner light, our souls.

I get my information from my soul which as I have stated the soul is part of god consciousness, it’s god within.

And today I’m going to share some of the downloads I was given on this subject on the issue of mass pollution.

I do not want any credit for this information for it’s from the divine and if I did not connect to the divine I would not have the ability to channel this high frequency information.

So I want to say thank you to the divine for allowing me to connect to it and giving me access to this information.

To continue…

My vivid downloads are channelling a powerful message.

One of healing transmutation and restoration.

I was shown that the ocean the mountains the animals are all ancient spirits , even small things such as stones and sand all of these are spirits. These great spirits react to our thoughts feelings and emotions energy.

Many of these spirits are sad they are in pain and we have this divine ability within us to heal them and as we do this will heal the planet.

They are sad and in pain due to the fact that humanity has abused them and disregarded that they are living spirits, humanity has polluted them exploited them in all levels.

Even though humanity has done great harm to this planet.

There is a way out a path of healing that the divine has made available to humanity.

Humanity has been given the ability to reverse the catastrophic state of this earth by using its inner god force and it has the capability of channelling that energy into reviving and healing-restoration of this planet.

When we work together in a unified state we can achieve miracles.

You are probably asking how by now, how can we use our inner soul energy to heal the planet?

It’s simple as stated this planet is composed up of different ancient spirits and since these spirits have been abused by humanity they have lost energy, we need to restore this lost energy to them and this will heal them.

When we talk we are exuding energy, when we think we are stirring up energy and when we exercise we are pulling more charge into our bodies.

When we do deeper spiritual practices like meditation prayer and visualization meditation we are gathering energy from the universe and a concentration of that energy collects within us.
We can focus this energy on ourselves or others, this energy is healing and also life giving as its chi energy.

We can do the same for this planet.

We must gather together and direct this energy into the oceans and into this earth, into all the places that need healing and energy. As we do this as we channel this energy into the earth it will heal it and revive it.

The oceans have spoken to me about this. I was told to tell humanity to visualize energy pouring into them and healing and if you’re near the ocean, sing to it and chant to it and that this will transmute the plastic the toxicity and clear it from the waters.

We have the divine ability to tell the oceans and this earth to heal to clear itself of pollution and it will listen it will do what we request. We have power over the elements and we must use this power to make positive change.

We have the ability to transmute the pollution into nothingness so that it no longer is within the air we breathe and the water and the land.

This is the message that I have been given.

That we can heal this planet, it’s a powerful message as we are standing on the brink of great catastrophes if we do not make positive changes now.

The divine wants humanity to know that it has the power within and has always had that power. Now it needs to tap into that power and spiritually mature and clean up the mess it has created.

As we gather together and join our energy together this creates intense amounts of light energy that will clear out the pollution, which is simply low frequency, the light frequency which is high vibrational will cancel out the low frequency pollution.

So please gather your awakened friends and circle and ask them to help you heal this earth.

Gather together and do these exercises.

Work on visualizing all the colors of the rainbow pouring into the oceans and into the earth.
Ask the oceans and lands to clear themselves of pollution and be once again clean, ask them to return to their original god source state of being.
You don’t need to be near the ocean or whichever part of this planet you choose to focus on, energy travels so you can do this work from a distant place.

As more and more people do this there will be a positive domino effect on this planet.

Blessings to each of you.

Sarah R Adams.