Causes and Consequences of the International Relocation of Polluting Industries.

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Causes and Consequences of the International Relocation of Polluting Industries.

Nowadays, many wealthy countries are privileged to have plenty of famous world wide branded products. Many industries who produce those products usually allocate their production to another country, usually less developed one. One of the main reasons is that such industries usually pay less by doing so. However, they pollute a lot and might have to pay taxes for it (eg. USA) in their own country so they decide to move out and produce it where it is cheaper. International reallocation of polluting industries has its own benefits, but also drawbacks to both countries of origin and countries where industries are moved to.

The main causes of the reallocation of polluting industries are high taxes on pollution and expansive labor in the country of origin so industries move to LEDS such as Malaysia or Bangladesh to produce their products. This might be good for the origin country since the costs of producing the good will be cheaper and they could produce more. Also, origin country can benefit from not damaging their environment and preserve the nature locally. But also, the reasons of allocating industries are that a country does not have a good political or economic base for continuing operating. Therefore, consequentially, they could develop their business outside and by revenues gained, develop their own country. People in the LEDC countries might also be better off since they get more jobs, and wages with could support their family living.

There are also bad consequences of relocation of such industries, mostly for countries where the industry has been moved into. Industries pollute the environment by cheaply managing their waste (oil) or simply by releasing lots of CO2. Many environmental habitats could be therefore destroyed, eg. The amount of fish could decrease if the industry spills the oil waste in the river. Polluting is happening because there are no controls, and industries have to pay way less for their waste disposals.

In one hand, relocation of polluting industries might be good for the countries of origin since they have to pay less for their production of the better amount of goods, and they don’t pollute their own environment. Also, they could possibly develop their country by revenues gained and investing in eg. infrastructure. Many jobs are created, but for cheap price. In the other, hand by reallocating those industries, recipient countries suffer from environmental damage and exploitation of cheap work force.

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This is a complicated subject. As we have moved towards globalisation, overconsumption and resource depletion, large corporations who operate across many borders are able to flaunt rules by relocating to places that have less constrained rules to fit their needs. There are only 3 possible solutions for this;

  1. We follow the path of least resistance and create global regulators that have the teeth to make corporations follow rules that benefit the planet as a whole. This will be met with great resistance in the name of national sovereignty and liberty.
  2. We leave each country to toughen up in their approach to policy and regulation. This is difficult because many underdeveloped nations have corrupt governments that can easily be bought by corporations.
  3. Individual consumers are encouraged to vote with their wallets and boycott companies that pursue detrimental practices. This is also difficult because these practices can be hidden by false advertising and secrecy in the name of 'corporate confidentiality'. Also many can't see the bigger picture.

Personally I have campaigned for many years regarding the abuses of corporations and the only thing that has worked is the third. My choices have a direct and definite impact and I can only hope that I raise my children to follow my steps. But this involves a change in culture, and that is something that is being fought with marketing and publicity. It boils down to the power of money and that is unlikely to change soon. Sad, but true.

"This is difficult because many underdeveloped nations have corrupt governments that can easily be bought by corporations."

Are you implying that the "Western or 'overdeveloped' governments" are not corrupt? Or that their leaders have not been bought by corporations, and bankers? Perhaps a little research is in order. You don't have to believe the propaganda just because it's in the media. (You know the ones that are owned by corporations and bankers. Would it really be advantageous of them to tattle on their owners?)

I just realized this sort of comes off as harsh. That was not my intention. I don't have any ill will towards you, and I didn't mean to come from a position of superiority. Rather, I just meant this as food for thought. I hope that you are not offended by my "tone." Text is a rather difficult medium to discuss sensitive subjects. With the lack of voice inflection and body language to soften hard points.

Also I agree that people or "consumers" as they like to call us, have the obligation to vote with our wallets. I just wish that the govs would allow us to do the same with them when they are stepping into "tyrannical" territory.

Hi @imjustsaying, and thanks for clarifying. Of course I know corruption reaches all levels of development. I only focused on underdeveloped ones because that is the focus of this piece. Hope that helps to clear that up.

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