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Gaia is just incredibly talented and enthusiastic woman who is always motivated to learn new things. She is very sociable and her smile radiates positive energy.

Disability is not a psychological barrier for Gaia. She doesn’t have neither one leg nor parts of her upper limbs, but such obstacle doesn’t stop her from developing different hobbies. She likes gothic style and black clothes. We don’t want to change her style, but we would like to add some female features to it. Our suggestion is this fashionable, flared skirt with very feminine polka dot print. 3/4 sleeves might be easily rolled up, what is very functional element.


Adjusted top and v-neck display femininity and shape of Gaia’s waist. Midi-length dress covers all imperfections and button fastening makes getting dressed easy. It’s a simple solution for all of these, who want to look fashionable and feel comfortable. Big polka dot print looks good in both basics and elegant stylings, what’s more, such pattern is recognizable and chic, so it fully expresses Gaia’s personality. Elegant black sandals complete Gaia’s outfit and delicate makeup emphasize her girlish charm.


Cooperation Posnania Shopping Center


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