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Hello, I am back new manual for becoming a Validator for Polkadot and the new tools and links.

What better time to invite you to participate, which is just now when they are opening positions for new block producers every day, and by voting, that Polkadot is DECENTRALIZED papá, nothing of centralizations Banking and other centralizations.

For Polkadot the following hardware is sufficient

  • 1 Core
  • 4 Ram
  • Node on 24x7x365

You can install it on Mac or Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04

As it is a tesnet network I will not elaborate a list of security measures, that will be a post later.

the commands to install Polkadot

curl -sSf | sh

sudo apt install make clang pkg-config libssl-dev

cargo install --git --branch v0.2 polkadot

polkadot --name '-writeyournamehere-111-'

If you see in the logs, you are fine here

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you can see the last block that your node has synchronized here

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ok, here everything is in order.

If you want to obtain a backup ZIP of the blockchain from the +1 million block, you can download my backup file and follow these steps at your own risk, it is an unofficial backup. (always verify who you trust, trust melea-trust?

stop polka crtl+C

*Open dir for Data base

cd .local/share/Polkadot/chains/krummelanke/

*Delete the actual DB

sudo rm -r db/*

* Download the data base Backup
wget -c '' -O db.tar.gz

(The first time you want to download it, it takes too long, you must stop it and run the wet command to download it again.)

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tar -xzf db.tar.gz

*Copy to the right folder

cp -r db/* .local/share/Polkadot/chains/krummelanke/db

*Delete useless files.

rm -rf db

rm db.tar.gz

*Start Polkadot with the new data base.

polkadot --name '-writeyournamehere-11'

Now you should see in your logs that you are synchronizing from block + 1,000,111 instead of 0.

Congratulations until here you have a Full Node connected to the Polkadot network.

If you want to take the next step and opt for one of the positions of Validator (Block Producer) you must continue with the following steps.

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First access the Web Wallet to create an account:

Here you see the explorer, you vote in a referendum (Catalan shortly), you see the validator that as you want to try it and those that are currently validating, it is a wallet and tool to interact with the Polkadot blockchain.

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How to create the account in 1,2,3 =

1.- Go to accounts, get new

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2.- Chose a password

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"You must take note of this data you will need to declare your node as a validator waiting to be activated and connected to the network."

3.- Wallet finish

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told ya, 1,2,3.

From here you must be social, you must go to the Polkadot chat to ask for DOTS (they are the TOKENS of the TEST network)!

There are so many good people willing to help you, do not be sorry, ask for Dots are free.

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When you have Dots in your account

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Finish the process to be Validator

First you must stop the node you are running and enter the -- validator flag and your --key too

polkadot --validator --key (HEX o STRING when creating the account) --name ' 🐞 <Code is Law>'

You should see an error in your logs indicating that you are not a valid authority, but your node should continue synchronizing, a little slower than if you were a validator selected, it is a tip that I commented to you.

Here you can see the error that should appear if you have followed these steps, and how you should see when you are validating without any error in the logs.

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ok, ok, now you must go back to the wallet.

and make STAKE which is self-nominated itself as Validator or Block Producer.

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You will continue to observe in your logs the error is normal, you can see if you have these in a good way if you are in the list of intentions to validate here in the wallet.

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It's free, you hit the + button and you should be on the list with your ID so easy to find.

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Congratulations if you are on the list. Remember that your node need to have good latency and synchronization 24x7 with the network for the Validator don't be slashed and all the Dots gone.

Now you should only ask to be nominated so that the sum of your Dots is sufficient.

How many you need?
How can you know?
In images with identicons, here they are:

Screenshot from 2018-08-12 22-03-13.png

If this manual has been useful for you, keep in mind that I am an active validator and that I am grateful for a nomination to my node to continue producing blocks.


I am in Polkadot since POC-1
<Amén ; ) Web3jp>

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Now I have (incl 148,888 DOT that I have been nominated to my node, can you make them grow? = You are grateful.

Well, the pleasure is mine!

More info about slashed, democracy and more in the next post. Thanks for your time.

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and Welcome

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