It means, this validator has 15 nominators you can see it in the staking overview. The 2nd number is the reputation number of the validator (i think)steemCreated with Sketch.

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In honour of superbow sunday I present to you
Proof of steak

speed77899Yesterday at 9:41 PM
Hello, everyone. I transferred 1501 Dot to Ledger ERC20 directly on the Huobi trading platform, but it has been 24 hours and I still haven’t received the Dot.

MCYesterday at 9:50 PM
did you send it as an erc20 token on the eth chain? I hope you added the polkadot app. to your ledger.

speed77899Yesterday at 9:51 PM
yes eth chain

MCYesterday at 9:51 PM
theres the problem, dot is not erc20
i am not familiar with huobi, but try customer support to get it fixxed

speed77899Yesterday at 9:53 PM
I keep transferring erc20 thinking that erc20 are eth

MCYesterday at 9:53 PM
yes ok, but dot isnt

speed77899Yesterday at 9:53 PM
now i have to find ledger support or polkadot support?

MCYesterday at 9:54 PM
go to huobi support

dionjYesterday at 10:06 PM
How much tokens are required for running a validator node?

sikYesterday at 10:33 PM
1.7 million dot total stake right now to become active
133.402117118 DOT min stake | Polkaview
133.402117118 DOT min stake | Polkaview

dionjYesterday at 10:33 PM
Aaah well, thats not in my pocket.

sikYesterday at 11:33 PM
it doesn't mean you have to have it in your pocket. it's the total stake. the sum of all your nominators stake plus your selfstake. but of course it's a big number and not easy to achieve. you could also check out the thousand validator program but it's not designed to make big money fast :wink:

dionjToday at 12:50 AM
Does this mean that 334 stakers are nominating this validator? And what is the 15 (my position? If so, what happens if I nominate multiple validators?). it's confusing.
Note: I try to be in the first 64, ofcourse...

jasonvalaToday at 1:03 AM
Can I make 2 polkadot wallets?
on same extension?

Dan Shields | Parity Support EngToday at 1:07 AM

MCToday at 1:11 AM
It means, this validator has 15 nominators you can see it in the staking overview. The 2nd number is the reputation number of the validator (i think)

dionjToday at 1:14 AM
Do you get more rewards if you select 16 validators instead 5?

nymetvaToday at 1:17 AM
334 is the number of unique nominators ever as opposed to currently.

dionjToday at 1:24 AM
"You should trust your nominations to act competently and honest; basing your decision purely on their current profitability could lead to reduced profits or even loss of funds."

In reality, as if we all research/validate those validators. I asume only 1% will do this.
(Yes, I am trying to select them based on the stats / amount of nominators / own stake etc. but I got no idea how to research them without spending at least a week researching them all)

MCToday at 1:42 AM
no dionj, but the chance of getting a validator in the active set increases because of it

MCToday at 1:44 AM
then nominate on the time you can spend, keep researching and adjusting as you go in time

David S | logion networkToday at 6:32 AM
Staking with polkadot.js extension is safe even with controller address or parity signer address. You can find info starting here: - Personally, I'm using Parity signer address with a mobile without internet access (really important)
Account Generation · Polkadot Wiki
Step-by-step guides on generating a Polkadot account.

Go billsToday at 6:42 AM
Where to buy polkadot

m0ikeToday at 6:58 AM
I just got freaking ripped off
The telegram polkadot official
Please report them

David S | logion networkToday at 7:00 AM
Kraken, Binance...
Where to buy or trade Polkadot DOT tokens
Polkadot is a decentralized network, so any exchange or project can choose to list DOT. Public listing services like Coingecko are good places to stay up to date on where DOT is being traded and can be purchased. Whether those exchanges serv...

Dan Shields | Parity Support EngToday at 8:16 AM
the official one is read only. All others are fake
report all telegram issues to @notoscam on telegram.
TBH I have never had telegram actually follow through on any support or take-down of bad actors and groups. IMHO - don't use telegram.

m0ikeToday at 9:04 AM
:cry: my 65 dot

Mach_FiveToday at 10:09 AM
good eve everyone


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