How Consensus Algorithms will begin to Supersede the Law and Decentralize Justice

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At the root of all legal control is an idea from Aristotle about the nature of cause and effect. Robert Schmidt once said…

Aitia... (αἰτία) is the Greek word for cause, but means to ask for or demand something; from Aristotle's idea of accusation. Aitia is the imputation of blame or an accusation that supports a demand for redress. Later the word goes from the imputation of blame or guilt, and comes to mean the blame or guilt itself. Once aitia takes on the meaning of blame and guilt (or credit), the redress takes on the meaning of "effect", so aitia is cause, and redress is effect. Then aitia shifts from the blame itself, to the subject responsible for the blame.

Once it gets into the legal context, the meaning is shifted again to mean the effect that anything can have on something else. The word that is associated with the effect is "apotelesma" (ἀποτέλεσμα in Greek): the full payment of what is due…


(The context is in Schmidt’s translation of Valens and the model of time lords (zodiacal aphesis - releasing) taking up responsibility from one boundary and releasing its responsibility to another in the order of the signs of the zodiac. The planets take on the accusation and the discharge of responsibility when moving from boundary to boundary - “peripatetics”).

The bold emphasis in the above quote shows how this idea has become centralized. Initially the idea of causation was “decentralized” in that there were multiple causes (Aristotle defines efficient causes, material, formal and final causation principles), but these four considerations were narrowed down to just one: the efficient cause.


Authority operates under the principle of cause and effect, often assigning full responsibility to a single agent due to the fact that it thinks in a centralized manner. The reality is that there are almost always multiple causes for any given event. There might be one efficient cause that is obvious, then thousands of material causes that are completely ignored.

Judges sometimes take these other material causes into account in reducing sentences, for such issues as being poor, being down on one’s luck, etc, but these pronouncements are typically flawed because we are being asked to take responsibility for many things beyond our own control.

Soon, there will be a singularity beyond everyone’s control. It will be as those “acts of God” that in legal contracts, nullify the redress conditions of a contract, because for where there is no control, there can be no blame.


We are being rendered powerless. While this sounds bad, it really is for the best, because to the extent you don't have control, you can no longer be blamed either. It is already the case that 99.9% of you have little to no control. When Chris Hedges once said that Occupy draws strength from the powerless, I don’t think he quite had this in mind. It is nevertheless, poetic.

Politicians are beginning to learn the hard way that having control has its down sides. It will become an increasing problem for them because they are being asked to be responsible for something that is beyond their control. The technology that they attempt to exert control over through regulation, such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they are unable to control because it is beyond their jurisdiction, and their typical means of exerting rank is inapplicable to a protocol that has no one in charge. They have been handed authority, albeit somewhat illegitimately, but have limited power to follow through.


Paradoxically, the answer to the problem of terrorism is the relinquishing of control. What does ISIS fight against? What does the USA fight against? Without one, what good is the other? They derive purpose and meaning from each other. But what if a meteor instead crashed into the twin towers at 911? Would the outcry be to squash the evil universe that threw it at us? This mode of thinking is obsolete. Authority is not doing prevention here, they are instead creating hydra.

A Representativeless Digital Republic


How do we model a system of governance that eliminates the need for cause and effect accountablilty? By decentralizing the causes. At this point, representatives have become a central point of causation/accusation. It is now possible to eliminate all representatives and simply present our own will directly without any secondary intentionality being introduced. Under voluntarist principles, any proposal that can affect anyone else must be brought to some level of jurisdictional consensus.

Consenus algorithms will have to take into account the scope of any proposal in their smart contracts. The will of the people can be jurisdictionally specific or global depending upon the scope. Jurisdictions that are unaffected would have damping algorithms that prevent the escalation of issues that would create voter fatigue. Other damping algorithms would prevent "spam" proposals from rising to the level of requesting a vote.


With no representatives, there can be no blame of politicians. Anything that happens in the world simply is. Of course, some people will be terrified by the idea of "taking so much responsibility". The reality is that unless you are exceptional, you aren't in control and if you are, you are minimally in control.

There are no guarantees in reality, but the aforementioned are excuses used by authority to seize control. I hope you can see that this technology makes it possible to eliminate that weakness and directly reflect the will of all people. Some people will of course not like this because their ability to control others will be curtailed. Such people should learn to control themselves first.

An Equity Drain will become the Engine for Change


A proposal such as this is fine, but who would enforce it? There will be bullies who attempt control at all costs. There should be game theoretical algorithms that incentivize against such behavior. We already have the tools that created the equity drain, which exist in the underlying technology of bitcoin. The printing of national fiat was the first step to rendering national currencies with inferior store of value.

If we make the mistake of looking to western established powers for these changes, we will inhibit progress. Change is not going to come from the 1.5 billion on this planet that already have privileged banking access. It will come from the other 5.5 billion who were excluded.

Once there, it's no guarantee that terrorism won't happen, but maybe you should worry more about being in an auto accident. The danger of terrorism is not nearly as great a danger to life, liberty and property as your own ignorance and fallibilities.

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''where there is no control, there can be no blame.''

I suppose you are not talking about individual control. With no authority we must self rule. We will be 100% responsible for our actions. Many people fear this responsibility and actually wantto be controlled.

''the answer to the problem of terrorism is the relinquishing of control. What does ISIS fight against? What does the USA fight against? Without one, what good is the other? They derive purpose and meaning from each other.''

Terrorism will always exist provided perceived injustices or real injustices continue to exist. Terrorism is a tactic.

Besides the war on terrorism, al queda, ISIS etc are all creations of the west to justify their invasions and occupations in the middle east. domestically, in the west the war on terrorism is used to justify the removal of our civil rights e.g. we must give up our freedom for security.

911 was a false flag attack!

'' no guarantee that terrorism won't happen''

Exactly, and as you also point out there will always be bullies (and fleets of autonomous drones) that sadly wont give a hoot about consensus.

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