Decentralization as a Means to End Corruption, Delegated Proof of Justice as a Model for Political Reform

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In several previous articles, I’ve written about decentralization as a top down design model of programming that can disintermediate authority “choke points” that allow for systemic corruption, fascism and a digital panopticon. While these protocols will cause an equity drain that will eventually level the playing field through the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, it is not in itself the answer to governance problems. This is where various forms of game theoretical algorithms such as Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, etc need to be considered to ensure fairness.

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Anticipating the effects of each of these algorithms is a difficult task. It involves selecting game theoretical algorithms that model real life situations. Some algorithms will fit better to situations where equality should be preserved, whereas other situations require a stake or a weighted calculation for fairness. Cooperation is one of the strengths that humanity possesses, but contained within the pooling of resources is a potential for the “tragedy of the commons” when no one is in charge. In the opposite situation, when you have authority in charge, then comes the problem of parasitism.

Is No Governance Survivable?

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Given the number of government atrocities in human history, I sympathize with the idea that government should be abolished all together. However, there remain a number of problems that if not handled correctly could lead to the extinction of all life on the planet. It is however obvious that the vast majority of laws on the books are only there to benefit government parasites who profit off victimless “crimes”. Civil asset forfeiture laws are a particularly egregious example of this abuse of power.

As for corporate regulatory laws for the protection of the public, it is possible to invert the responsibility using DAO’s under a project model as explained below. Gone should be the days when “good business” involves breaking the laws and making billions in profits while paying millions in fines. A DAO model turned inside out where stake is lost for misbehavior should be substituted for a system that doesn’t work.

Many social science studies have tested the behavior of humans in situations when they thought they were being watched vs others when they weren’t aware of being watched. They’ve found that over 98% of the population “does the right thing” absent any law enforcement. The idea that society would descend into chaos is mostly a myth; the exception being a phenomena known to authority as “food riots” when large sections of society lose the minimum ability to survive. Most government collapses happen because of the abuses of power, usually through the mismanagement of state currency which then cause “food riots”.

Nuclear Power

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It is not a matter of if, but when governments collapse around the world. It was government that made these extinction level technologies possible with their vast unlimited funding under the paradigm of “unlimited money”. Will conscientious scientists step up to ensure that nuclear power plants don’t accidentally overheat? Social collapse will require complete dismantling of such technologies to avoid extinction. Blockchain funding can be set aside for such an eventuality.

The Office of President is Obsolete

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Hierarchical systems are generally not found in nature. This seems to be the case because natural law doesn’t support the long term success of such organization. By “long term” I’m speaking of millennia. These systems are very fragile in comparison to nature which has persisted for billions of years. The idea of president actually comes from long ago when primates organized according to the Dunbar number.

The king and queen are actually an idea based upon family and parents ruling over children. To extend this paradigm beyond the Dunbar number is inappropriate because it doesn't reflect natural law.

One person could manage at this level of social interaction, but at numbers much higher than this, too much is not known and not accounted for in decision making which means that many people end up with violence being done to them. A more suitable replacement would be similar to Cicada DDD that distributes proposals and decision making, localizing their effects.

(credit - Andreas Antonopoulos)

Delegated Proof of Justice

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I use the above title in distinction to “delegated proof of brain” which is a concept by which the Steem blockchain operates using witnesses. Justice cannot be achieved on large scales because what is acceptable in one tribe locally, might not be acceptable thousands of miles away. The imposition of rules beyond natural law should be opted into to keep the seed of violence from being spread by the system. Decentralization of political authority will most likely break down along geographically localized districts that are significantly smaller than typical US counties for stability. Anything much larger than this invites parasitism and no longer addresses the needs of the group.

Justice involves some sense of correction based upon a cause and effect model. Aristotle defined four separate causes of which only one is regarded by science of having importance (the efficient cause). This has had enormous impact on the legal system as it laid the foundation for criminal law. There exists and idea in quantum mechanics where effect can precede a cause. If this model can be extended to human behavior, what does that say about the nature of correction? Pre-crime was a subject of a popular movie called "Minority Report".

A Focus on Projects instead of State Power


Here is where a weighted game theoretical algorithm makes more sense. Those who would have sway over a large body of people (a whole tribe or larger) for instance should have the most delegation which can be revoked at any time (not every 4 years which is much too long). These "instant term limits" should stake something of value to ensure their commitment to the project, the larger the stake, the more political power that individual has over the project.

Others can stake shares in support of a given individuals vision of a given project. For instance a method for repairing roads put forth can be voted up or down given each individual's perceived need for that project. Since the number of projects can be very large, voter fatigue algorithms would be in place to reduce "spam projects", elevating only those that come to the fore. Individuals can then opt into the project instead of using the old model of taxation to fund projects that exceed the Dunbar number. Incentives for opting in would include investment stake, dividends and financial rewards for finished projects.

This is just a quick overview of how government can be restructured as to be unrecognizable to the structures of the past. The Steem blockchain is actually a fairly close replica of this model of governance. These models should reflect the model of self governance that comes with voluntarist philosophy in order to not spread the seeds of violence into the future.

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Very interesting thought-provoking post @zoidsoft. Using software to govern local decisions like that would only be possible with electricity though. Seems the key requirement to allow for this kind of future would be a solar-powered planet/zero marginal cost society. A true Loosing of the Bond moment for the planet, from Aquarius to Leo, if it ever happened.

Very nice post. I tried to create a crowdcompany some years ago. The problem is that the current system does not allow decentralization. The law forbits that individuals work together without a company. The only way to change the system is to be a rebel and change the system. With blockchain technology we are closer to beating the system.


A DAO is your ticket then (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with anonymous membership.

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good information bro. Tnx @zoidsoft

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