Are These The Only Options The Elite Have Left, If So It Won't End Well - Episode 1309b

in politics •  last year

A new bill was introduced to setup a Russian response center to provoke the Russians. Congress is now looking into the failed coup attempt in Montenegro. Iraqi troops regain control of the border.

Russian and Syrian forces liberating more towns and hitting the rest of the IS oil convoys. Europol warns that attacks could happen at anytime that the IS has the ability to carry out terror.

The elite are running out of options and the only options left will not end well for the rest of us.

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Thank you Dave. I watched the Ole interview. Very informative, Ole is a great guest

Thank you for the information Dave.

Another excellent x22Report. Dave I hope you are planning to share your thought about the Oliver Stone/Putin interviews on Showtime. An amazing series of conversations that give Putin a chance to explain himself.

For anyone who has formed opinions of him by listening to people like John McCain, he or she is in for a heavy dose of truth and reality.

Regarding Montenegro, didnt Trump bump into their prime minister during the last NATO-meeting? Could the US be behind the coup attempt?

Always enjoy hearing from you Dave! Thank you

Wheres the memos? wheres the evidence of anything? I agree Dave....nothingburger.

Another excellent video from X22, please keep them coming.