BREAKING: Chelsea Manning Faces Jail Time. #Resistance Nowhere To Be Found.

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As of this day, whistleblower Chelsea Manning faces jail time because she refused to testify against Julian Assange. Judge Claude M. Hilton ruled that she is to remain in custody until either she changes her mind or until the end of the life of the grand jury. She was asked questions related to the U.S. Military's misconduct. This is most likely what the sealed indictment on Julian Assange is about.

My question is, where is the #Resistance on this? I haven't seen anything from #Resistance Twitter on this at all. These same people who raise hell when Jim Acosta loses his press credentials, the same people who call Trump a traitor when he tweets mean things about sleepy-eyes Chuck todd while taking a dump, the same people who wag their fingers when Trump calls CNN "the enemy of the people" are silent on this issue, an issue where Trump ACTUALLY IS attacking press freedom. Michael Tracey made this exact point on Twitter. Capture+_2019-03-08-14-50-43.png
These are the same partisan hacks who want to silence WikiLeaks for revealing all the war crimes and corruption within our government. This sets the precedent that our government can now prosecute whistleblowers who leak government secrets. If say MSNBC managed to get Trump's tax returns, a secret grand jury can now prosecute the person that gave MSNBC his tax returns.

This is why you should support WikiLeaks and why you should support whistleblowers. The job of the media is to be the watchdog on those in power, and WikiLeaks is the only news organization that still does that.

As former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura says, when a government lies, the truth becomes a traitor.

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