VIDEO: We Are Change's Rachel Blevins uncovers Hillary's war on the press!

in politics •  3 years ago  (edited)

It has been over 250 days since Hillary Clinton held a press conference. While most presidential candidates were looking for ways to make headlines, Clinton was avoiding the press like the plague, and her actions are a great indicator of exactly how she would treat the Fourth Estate, if elected.

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Freedom of speech is very much in danger. But with the advent of Steemit, free speech will get a new definition.

It is really time for us to share information with eachother free of boundaries and censorship. Great article @wearechange!

I wonder if some more has become clear about Clintons health. ... Lately I found a leaked document. showing an official looking medical record, and this did not look too good for her for becoming the president at all. It very well may be a reason too why she is avoiding the press

Time to show up who put the tirany on wheels in this world... We have some Portuguese names related to the global establishment and they are destroying Portugal and helping to destroy Europe... inclunding a bilderger non elected prime minister...
Hope Hillary doesn't win or WWIII will be comming soon...

I'm so glad she did not become president. Unfortunately Donald Trump has not kept his promises and has given in to the neocons. Trying to make Israel great again instead of America.