Centrist Democrats and strategists are wrong. Socialism wins.

in #politics3 years ago (edited)

Something great happened on a Tuesday night. Something that politicians and pundits on both sides of the isle would have you believe is impossible.

A 28-year-old latina socialist bartender beat a 10 term big-wig democrat who out raised her campaign by 10 fold. They said there was no reason to even think the race was competitive.
They said she was inexperienced. They said her platform was too radical.
They were all wrong.
And now they are scrambling to make sense of it. So let's help them out, OK? Say it with me;

Socialism wins elections.


It's not scary to people who can't pay their rent. It's not too radical for millennials over burdened with student debt. It's not the Red Menace to people who have kids to feed, bills to pay, and not enough hours at a job that doesn't even respect their basic humanity.

People are sick (literally) and tired, and the majority of us don't even vote because no one has anything to offer that might make our lives better. So if you really care about winning elections, if you really want to change things for the better, STOP pandering to a virtually nonexistent moderate centrist base, and start running on bold populist platforms.

This is how you beat Trump. This is how you take back the congress and house. This is how keep kids out of cages and stop the slaughter of black and brown bodies. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's platform is a winning platform for America. Democrats, take note, or GTFO.



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