About Secret CIA Bases on the UA Territory

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The United States has set up 12 secret bases in Ukraine "along the Russian border". And this did not start after Russia's full-scale invasion, but eight years ago...

From these bases, which are often located in underground bunkers, have been listening to the Russian airwaves since those times, and now including controlling kamikaze drones that Ukraine uses against the Russian Federation.

"The CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies provide intelligence for targeted missile strikes, track Russian troop movements and help maintain spy networks," the article said.

"This has turned Ukraine ... into one of Washington's most important intelligence partners in the fight against the Kremlin," the NYT wrote.

Around 2016, the CIA began training Ukraine's "Unit 2245," which captured Russian drones and communications equipment so the CIA could hack them. One of the officers in this unit was Kirill Budanov, the current head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

"The CIA also helped train a new generation of Ukrainian spies who operated inside Russia, across Europe, in Cuba and other places where the Russians have a large presence," the article said.

Over the past decade, this cooperation "has turned Ukraine into an intelligence-gathering center that has intercepted more Russian communications than a CIA station in Russia."

Based on further information from the newspaper, it appears that this American involvement was one of the factors that informed Putin's decision to launch an invasion of Ukraine.

"According to a senior European official, Putin was mulling whether to launch a full-scale invasion in late 2021.
He met with the head of one of Russia's main intelligence agencies, who told him that the CIA, along with Britain's MI6 intelligence service, had been controlling Ukraine and turning it into a springboard for operations against Moscow,"

After Nuland’s confession under oath about the presence of US biological laboratories in Ukraine, the presence of CIA military bases does not surprise me

By the way, I would like to remind you that a year or two ago you could get a negative vote and be labeled a pro-Russian propagandist for just mentioning US biolaboratories in Ukraine.

Watch your words, soon facts may be revealed that will make you feel very ashamed of your earlier unfounded accusations. Luckily the blockchain remembers everything)))))

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