Kosovo population fake data , stolen country

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I was hearing some stories about fake population number in Kosovo for a long time.

These stories are like urban legends, something people would talk when they try to analyze and brainstorm the complicated situation in Kosovo south of Serbia. One of the good arguments I heard once from a neighbor was that data for the population is simply not physically possible because of the demography of the terrain and previous historical data.
I heard some other stories that Albanian population from Macedonia and Albania is voting in Kosovo, they are reported to live in Kosovo and they actually live elsewhere.

Kosovo is still very controversial part of this world. Maybe you can hear sometimes some short stories in the news and that is it for now.

Fact is that Kosovo became independent when International Community broke all the laws of United nations and different kinds of United nations agreements and took over a peace of the sovereign country Serbia.

Population was always a big thing when those decisions were made.

In 2011 there was a demographics research done by the Kosovo government and the result was that there is 1.739.825 Albanians living in Kosovo plus other population. Serbian population decided not to participate in the population count.
2017 CIA World Factbook announced that population of Kosovo is 1.895.250.

Just recently something happened what gave the credibility to the rumors about the fake data numbers

World Almanac announced that there is 562.000 registered cell phone users in Kosovo and unregistered users are impossible to exist.
By that data there is 31 cell phone user on 100 people in Kosovo. 31/100

Average data for the entire World by the World Bank data is 100,68 phones/100 people , Europe 126 phones/100 people

Let's look some other countries

Most undeveloped countries in the World by the UN classification:
-Afghanistan 62/100
-Somalia 46/100
-Sudan 70/100
-West Bank , Gaza 78/100

Other countries in the region:
-Bosnia 98/100
-Croatia 105/100
-Montenegro 166/100
-Serbia 130/100
-Slovenia 111/100
-Macedonia 99/100
-Albania 115/100 it's self

Kosovo 31/100 How is this possible ??

Well the answer is that there is possibly much less people living in Kosovo than it was reported

If you change the ratio of 31/100 to region average and subtract the Serbian population you come to the conclusion that there is

1 000 000 people less are living in Kosovo!!!


2017 election 700 000 Albanians voted by the official data. Serbian population again didn't want to participate and only 77 000 Serbians voted. In total 777 000 thousands.
Numbers are matching

Fact is that before the Kosovo crisis and in the time when Kosovo was still official part of Serbia Albanian population was refusing to participate and cooperate when Serbian Government was organizing anything in Kosovo.
Because of that there is no proper official demographics data for the Kosovo about the number of Albanian population before the crisis.

So the bottom line is that South of Serbia became the controversial country Kosovo because they say it belongs to the dominant Albanian population.
Serbian population is prosecuted and massively left Kosovo from the time of Kosovo crisis.

Thanks UN and the World for such care, kindness and love. Serbia is very grateful