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Utsava is a Spiritual adviser and a psychic Medium. She has predicted many world events on YouTube and is worldwide famous for her accurate psychic predictions and prophecies. She specializes in political events concerning the Trump presidency and political scandals.

Perhaps you have heard about the arrests of the Saudis princess. Several have been arrested and two of them are dead in connection of President Trump's draining the swamp. The Saudis have their hands on everything dirty; the Uranium deals, the 9/11 attack, other terrorist attacks, the false flag in Syria this year, bribary in connection with the Clinton foundation, as they donated a lot of money to them, child trafficking etc.

Psychically I see that they have arrested them in connection with taking the Soros money for the terrorist organization of Antifa. They are charged on money laundering and fraud, among other things as well as the Uranium deal. I also see psychically that they are very much involved in child and human trafficking, bribery and money laundering.

The Saudis have been involved in, with the coordination of the Deep state, in menacing and evil attacks like the Las Vegas shooting and the New York attack. Soros has provided the terrorist types of organizations like Antifa 18 billion dollars recently, and this money is coming in via Saudi Arabia. They are paying people to do crimes, riots, terrorist types of attacks etc. and now the US government has confiscated a lot of money in connection with the Saudi arabian princesses arrests that also connects with child trafficking and the Uranium deal. The reason we did not see more riots and attacks on November 4 or around November 4, because they have arrested these Saudi Arabian princes and took that money away from them that was meant to go to the terrorist type organization Antifa. They did not have the money to pay the demonstrators and for the buses to drive them to places. People were also afraid to show up, since they know the police is tracking down these people and they could face arrests in the future unlike they have in the past as the police was ordered to stand down. President Trump is draining the swamp. There has been consequences for these cricket police forces that have been silent and ignorant where they should have stepped in to avoid the riots and vandalism etc. This is all part of the Deep state, Clinton, Soros takedown.

Antifa has not so much money anymore and therefore you will be seing less riots.

You may have heard of many sealed indictments in DC in the past 10 days. It is not a coincidence, while these high ranking, democratic corrupt and criminal polititians are going down, that President Trump is in Asia on his tour, where he is better protected than in the United states. They had a free pass for a long time to do evil things and now finally we have a president who enforces the law. The Clintons, Bushes, Podestas are part of a group that operates Mafia style. They are a crime syndicate that do shady business; they have misused the resources of the government.

We have had the Uranium scandal, where the Clinton Foundation received 145 million dollars in connection of this scandal. There is obviously bribary involved and 20% of our Uranium has been given to Russia; this is a Russian collusion, that creates a national security issue. Hillary Clinton is cold and ruthless and doesn’t give a crab about this country. They worship their god lucifer. They are not decent people who live in the light; these people are dark, have demons and are part of the luciferian concept. They are evil.

We have also the email scandal, the Trump dossier, the Clintons and DNC paid for in order to smear Trump with the Russian hoax investigation that has started based on this fake and fraudulent dossier. We also have the Clinton foundation pay to play bribery scheme and many more crimes commited by these devil worshippers. I have listed the mountain of crimes previously many crimes she won’t be procecuted for since there are too many to keep up with. Like I said previously the FBI honest agents could not wait until the new director started to work there and they put a large pile of papers with crimes by the Clintons on his desk the first day of work. There is a big push by people working in the FBI, military and other agencies that wants to bring down the Clinton criminal enterprice. They are a mafia.

Like I have predicted a couple of months ago, Trump will come out swinging, the entire thing that we would be losing and they would be impeaching Trump, as well as the Russian hoax investigation, the Deep state taking over etc.; all of this was just a smokescreen like I said. Now it is all unfolding. This is just the start, like I said all of the sudden you will see them arrested. Unexpected. I have stated for about a year, that Hillary Clinton would be arrested and that she would not be getting away with her crimes. I have specificially stated in my video on August 12, that it will be looking that the deep state is winning with their vicious attacks and so on but it would be just a smokescreen. Then all of the sudden you see Hillary Clinton arrested and many other mostly democratic policitians but also business people. It will happen between August 2017 and June of 2018. They want the Clintons and these other criminals know what exactly is up, so it has been secret what is going on behind the scenes.

What we know so far is that there have been the past ten days also, over 800 sealed indictments filed in Washington DC while President Trump is in Asia; away from danger of assassination as the Asians protect him better than the CIA as it appears. Asia has celebrated him and Melania as he is obviously well liked by the people. It is untrue what the paid demonstrators over there claim and propaganada fake news media claim that always smear Trump.

Tony Podesta was entited, on Fraud charges and he was arrested; someone actually found somewhat an arrest record. I have predicted that there could be fraud charges filed against the Podestas, instead of charges like child trafficking or child sex crimes and so on. The Podesta group is closing now for good by end of this year.

They arrested Tony Podesta and locked him up. As you may remember John Podesta, his brother, was the Clinton campain manager. They are also involved in a child and sex trafficking ring, as well as pedophilia. The Podesto group company is closing by end of this year.

What is in the entitements? Psychically I see money laundering, extortions but I also see crimes against children that relates to child and sex trafficking, I see the scandal involving the Uranium deal, Trump dossier.
The entitments involve high ranking polititians like Hillary Clinton, John McCaine, the Podestas.
Was Hillary Clinton arrested ? Yes she was arrested among Chelsea Clinton, Tony Podesta and John Mc Caine; they all wear an ancle bracelet so they can’t escape; there were also other arrests of high ranking democratic politicians and business people behind the scenes. It has also to do with the Trump dossier since they helped to fabricate a collusion against Russia, and based on that the Russian Hoax investigation has started, and they could not come up with a Russian collusion, obstructed justice and wasted millions of dollars of taxpayers money. This is fraud, obstruction of justice, it is unbelievable. These people are traiders and don’t care at all about the American people, our safety or have a conscience. Clinton was the initiator while John McCaine handed over the dossier and he is in trouble for that, but he is also involved, as I stated many months ago, with the Saudis in bribary deals, extortion, child and human trafficking, money laundering and fraud.

The indictments are based on these charges yet there are other cases still pending like the email scandal and the Clinton foundation bribery scandal. There is more to come; this is just the beginning for Hillary Clinton who again has managed to avoid the spotlight and was able to seal these indictments; something regular citizens cannot. These people are also involved in Treason.

The funny thing is it is their own special counsel Robert Mueller, who was hired to frame Trump on a Russian connection, who could not find anything on Trump, but now found things on them, who entites these people, isn’t that ironic. Corrupt and shady Mueller, has to cover himself and cannot cover for them any further.

What has happened is that crucket special counsel Robert Mueller was caught between a rock and a hard place. There is a saying if you set a trap for someone else you yourself will fall into it. All they could find in regards to the Russian collusion, was a collusion between the democrats and Russia not Trump and Russia. For instance they discovered the Uranium scandal, bribery and extortion. Trump and his team have told Mueller either you do your job according to the law, or if not we gonna kick you out and kick you to the curb with criminal investigations against you for your crucket criminal involvement in the Uranium dealings and for obstruction of justice, since you knew these things all along; who is really involved in a Russian collusion yet you unlawfully tried to smear Trump. His mission was to protect his Deep state's friends and he covered for all sorts of crimes, while he is personally involved in several of them as well. This makes him an accomplish. Mueller has no choice than to comply and he helps filing entitements and charges against his criminal buddies like the Podestas for instance, in order to avoid criminal charges himself.

Regarding President Trump who tweeted the other day again complaining about the FBI not really investigating Hillary Clinton and Jeff Sessions being basically lame as well- Like I have said months ago, Hillary Clinton won’t know she is under investigation and any time until june of Next year you will see her arrested, kind of all of the sudden out of the blue. This is what is going on, there is more going on in regards to investigations behind the scenes. Donald Trump is not that happy with Jeff Sessions, however he has improved a bit and behind the scences there is a lot going on like secret investigations that are some sort of sealed like I had predicted. Now we are having all of these indictments coming out of the blue. These people are in a lot of trouble and are heading to prison.

What is happening now is that Hillary Clinton, as you can imagine, is very much angry, concerned and worried about these indictments filed against her, while she wanted to smear Donald Trump with the Trump Dossier, her own crimes were discovered- too bad for her; she took it a little bit too far.

Well lady Hillary Clinton, why don’t you wear some cowboy boots like a real cowgirl instaed of your boot that covers your monitoring device, faking an injury, which keeps you out of prison for now, and show us some Americana? Because Globalism-New World order is buy buy. And you are buy buy too. Very soon from Prison. Like I said before you get to write tons of new books in prison, and Uma Abedin your girlfriend as well. 'By by' for both of you.

Everything is going 'buy buy' for you Hillary Clinton. Your fake persona, your fake mask, your fake boot, your fake everything is going 'buy buy'. You are on the way to prison and there is nothing stopping it. There is nothing you can do about this one. More charges, more entitlements are on the way too they are gonna be coming and coming, procecutions, more jail time, more prison sentences you will see and nothing will be stopping the procecution of Hillary Clinton, not Jeff Sessions, not the fake Dossier, not Hillary Clinton, not anyone. Not anyone can stop this new trend- the new Your Hillary in Prison, a prison persona, a criminal, now you can call yourself soon , polititian, wife, mother and prisoner.

Nobody can stop the Warrior Donald Trump in his mission to bring down the power structure, the New World order, that enslaves humanity, the stupid trading constracts that have restricted us and enriched stupid coorporations, the next phase will then be cleaning house with GMO's, chemtrails etc. It is like peeling the onion. He wants to get rid of chemtrails too.

What will happen next is they will fight back with a vengeance. Hillary Clinton, as she is facing serious prison time, will take the position, as usual, she did not know anything and did nothing wrong, she is completely innocent and had no clue what has happened. She will be pretending that in fact all of these crimes must have been committed by a different person than herself. She will be taking the position that she is completely innocent and was completely oblivion about what took place, this is her position that will fail, expect it to fail though. This strathegy won’t pass the good smell test, it does won’t smell right. It won’t fit, it won’t fly.

They have also done lots of cursing and devil worshipping the past week. We have to undo the curses and the black energy they send out to the universe; people are down and depressed. What offsets this is when we pray and do light work, and pray for these curses to be undone. Please also pray for Donald Trump for his protection and of course for yourself and your loved ones.

They also sensor youtube videos like mine, they make them disappear, often when people click on the video the video is not available or they block them from exposure, and this happens to all of us who are telling the truth about Donald Trump and don’t hate him. The trump haters their videos get promoted, ours get blocked.

They are working overtime to blackmail people, to tell the news what to report of not, they control the news channels, the strathegy will be let’s blame the republicans for all when the democrats are to blame. Let’s smear them.
You may have heard of Judge Roy Moore who runs for a senate in Alabama. He is now accused by many people of inappropriate sexual misdonduct, please this is not true, this man is innocent. It is all propaganda, ok he did not do it, it is all fake news. These people are paid actors to say what they say and claim those things it did simply not happen and nothing inappropriate took place. This man is not capable of doing those things like that they are simply ridiculous. Forget it. Even Fox news turned fake on this one. Becaues they want to keep their advertisers. Well I’m very disappointed at Fox news because he did not do it. Period.

Why does President Trump not tell us what is going on? He is not allowed to, not as of yet, but soon he is going to. He might be tweeting a hint. President Trump has big plans for this country and he knows the impeachement will be thrown out and go nowhere. Another attempt to bring down a lawfully elected president and not respect the democracy, the will of the people.

The Clinton/Podesta/Obama/Soros Mafia they will keep fighting and trying to destroy people’s decency and moral conscience of the population, they won’t stop at nothing to get what they want, it is you, your soul for their God Lucifer they worship. They are obsessed with power and control and they are controlled by demons, reptiles. These people have chosen the darkness to rule their lives and they have ruined many people’s lives, stolen their lives and their money, their dignity. These people won’t go down without a fight.

How will they fight back against the procecution, against their falling regime and the falling new world order? Hillary Clinton will be speaking publically and tell everybody to listen to her. They will plan more plots to kill him. Avoid the crowd Donald Trump, avoid the crowd; they are capable of anything. But no matter what President Trump is protected by a divine force that pushes through everything to clean up the mess these devil worshippers have created for decades.



Hopefully she'll be sent away foe a very long time with all her accomplices including the former presidents of the USA involved in her crimes.

@originalworks she will be sent away for a long time.

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