Are Bill Gates & The Rockefeller Foundation Perfectly Fulfilling the Biblical Prophecy of the Mark of The Beast?

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In my early life I had no time for 'the Bible' since I knew it to be hugely inaccurate in important ways and to also be behind a great deal of human suffering over the centuries. None the less, there are some noteworthy parts in what I have read of it (and I have only read a small percentage). I feel that there's a key one here we need to talk about!

One very interesting detail is that the 'number of the tribe of Judah' (tribe of light) equates to the speed of light in our modern measurement systems. Ordinarily I don't speak about this much but I do know for certain that many old prophecies from tribes and other sources have come true during my lifetime (the Hopi Prophecies being a good example). Now I feel it's right to highlight the blatantly obvious connection between Bill Gates, The Rockefeller Family and the biblical prophecy of the Mark of the Beast.. Is anyone paying attention?

The idea of The Mark of the Beast comes to us from the Book of Revelation:

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six

The previous lines in this section of the book of Revelation contain symbolic descriptions that are hugely open to interpretation. I feel I have a good explanation for them, but rather than explore that aspect I want to focus in on the text I have quoted above as it is fairly unambiguous.

The text describes a warning of a reality where people cannot trade without having a number and a mark. In other words, there would be some kind of system implemented that would somehow enforce trading to be restricted to only those who are part of the system and each of those people would be identifiable by some kind of mark. What is a mark? A symbol, imprint, tattoo or possible an implant!

People have discussed this for a very long time - what would a system be like that would fulfil this prophecy? Well, we already have the technology to make this a reality and, yes, the Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundations are very much tied up with trying to force it onto this planet right now.

I wonder - would people view Bill Gates a 'superhero philanthropist' if they realised that a 2000 year old book said to be of divine origin literally warned about him in advance? I am absolutely not one for organised religion, but I am also not one to deny what is right in front of my face.

Perhaps we are to think that a patent registered by Gates' Microsoft company, with the code WO 2020 060606, that specifies a system that LITERALLY connects the actions of a human body (including blood pumping rates and any other body act that can be sensed electronically) to cryptocurrency trading technologies... Is just 'mere coincidence'? Really?

Microsoft's 666 Patent Connecting physical bodies to financial trading

Source: Patent Scope

Bill Gates & Rockefeller Foundation Intent to Enslave Humanity with ID2020 and 'Quantum Tattoos'?

Clearly the Bill Gates and Rockefeller families/foundations have vast amounts of money and therefore also power in a world where money often 'buys' the will of others. What else have they been up to?

It actually doesn't take a lot to control billions of people as long as there is a hierarchic pyramid system in place where each layer has a bit more power than the one below it. As long as people agree to or are intimidated into holding their position, the top-down domination can continue.

This topic is so vast that there is no real way for me to answer it in less than 100 pages or even 1000 pages. The best thing for me to do here is to pass on some great videos on this topic and @corbettreport, as always, has done stellar work on this. Please take your time to watch the recent videos from him at the end of this post. I have also included several other highly relevant videos below.

Please watch the videos below as they contain epic levels of detail that I cannot include in the text here.

As a very brief summary: Whistleblower Aaron Russo, close friend of Nicholas Rockefeller, stated years ago - before his death - that Rockefeller had openly said to him that the end goal of his agenda was to have the whole population implanted with chips in order to control them. Please see the video of this interview, as well as the interview from whistleblower, William Pawalec (Deceased), stating that Siemens has had billions of microscopic implants stored away for a long time. Bill Gates comes from a family line of eugenicist control freaks and has not only been logged as flying on Industrial scale child abuser for blackmail purposes, Jeffrey Epstein, but one of his own engineers was arrested at Gates' mansion in the same year (2013) for possession of 6000+ images of child rape and abuse.

Gates with industrial scale child abuser/abductor Jeffrey Epstein

This is only the tip of the iceberg here though, the web of connections between what Gates and the Rockefellers have been up to is simply vast.

Gates with another alleged largescale child abuser - Peter Nygard

Gates' 'ID2020' program aims to have every person literally MARKED WITH A QUANTUM TATTOO and tracked. This in turn opens to the door to connection to digital currency systems that absolutely can and will result in the manifestation of the 'Mark of the Beast' prophecy.

I am not aware of any evidence at all that this group are not demonstrating a fulfilment of this prophecy and actually, I think there's a good chance they know they are doing it and they are doing it deliberately. Are you going to challenge them? Or let them take you where THEY want you to go?

I challenge anyone to watch the following videos and disagree with my assertion here. All comments welcome!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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