Loony Dictators #3 Francisco Macías Nguema: President of the Dachau of Africa

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You know you're one crazy dictator when one third of your country's population has either been executed or driven to exile. Francisco Nguema, the first President of the Equatorail Guinea managed to do so, and what was more crazy than the above number was Nguema himself.


Born to a witch doctor, Nguema was orphaned by age of 10 and left to fend for himself in the colonised Equatorail Guinea. He was never really good at school and failed the civil service exams thrice. His failures had made him loath educated people. He used to get those executed whom he felt were being to intellectual. For the same reason he executed people who wore spectacles. He banned private education and the state taught children propaganda slogans. Eventually he also banned the use of the word 'intellectual' and closed all libraries and newspapers in the country.

                                  The Only Miracle

Nguema changed the constitution to grant himself the all powers including those of judiciary. He then merged all political parties into one party and made himself its President for life. Only party that could exist legally was his. He first ordered to churches to hang his pictures and preach that he was the Only Miracle and any priest who did not do so was executed. Once he had established his supernatural powers in the minds of the people, he closed down the churches and used them as warehouses for the state artillery.

                                 The Christmas Massacre 

On the Christmas eve of 1975 Nugema invited 150 of his opponents to a football field and had them shot by 6 soldiers dressed as Santa Claus while the PA system played 'Those Were The Days'.

                                   Presidento Bandito

Once Nugema had an argument with the head of the Equatorail Guinean Central bank, so he got him killed and took whatever was left of the national treasury to his village home. Whenever he was short of money he kidnapped foreigners for ransoms. By 1974, two-thirds of his cabinet of 1968 had disappeared.
In 1979 Nugema was overthrown by his own nephew and sentenced to death. But this imprint on minds of the people was so strong that for the fear of his supernatural powers, the Guineans had to hire Moroccan soldiers to shoot him.

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