Revealed!Donald Trump The Ultimate Rothschild Puppet

in politics •  last year


Despite the corporate mainstream media
using reverse psychology to create the narrative that he is "Anti Establishment",the reality of the matter is that,that is furthest thing from the truth.Despite controlled opposition like InfoWars and Breitbart proclaiming to be Trump a Nationalist who is "fighting the globalists", Donald Trump has filled the swamp with some of the most notorious globalists including Wilbur Ross as his Secretary For Commerce,Ross is not only a former Rothschilds Bankster but the right hand man of Baron Rothschild.
As if that Rothschild connection was not enough,the family of his Secretary For Education,Betsy Devos,who is the heir to the Amway fortune has been alleged for a long time,to have ties to the Rothschilds.Now some Trump supporters could try to damage control for Trump and claim that he has been surrounded by globalists...globalists he chose to be surrounded by....whom he gave positions of power and influence to...
Perhaps what they do not know is the fact that,just like Obama,Donald Trump is another puppet whose presidency has been in the making for 30 years and Donald Trump is,in fact an agent of the Rothschilds.
The Rothschilds have been documented to have helped Donald Trump get out of bankruptcy for years.In the coming weeks,we will go through the various connections that Donald Trump has with the globalists and present evidence for making the case that Donald Trump is an agent of the Rothschilds.


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If he was true opposition, he would never have made it into power.