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in #politics4 years ago

Is it okay for a Politician to smoke marijuana recreationally?

He could be A President or Prime Minister or Mayor. Anyone really.

Do u think it will be detrimental to his work ethic?

Would u tolerate a leader That openly admits to smoking weed???


I dont see any issue with smoking weed. It is proven to be less harmful than alcohol which most leaders will admit to taking as it is legal. Once a leader can do their job to a high degree should there free time not be theirs?

I think they would do a better job smoking dope I mean could they do a worse job in general.?

No they possibly couldnt do a worse job in general. Thanks!

Without dope there is no hope.

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I personally don't have a problem with it and would vote for a politician who smoked if he was honest with it and I was in agreement with his policy on other issues. Of course I would hope that he would have the discipline and self-restraint to not let it interfere with his work.