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RE: Alex Jones and InfoWars Censored on Facebook and YouTube, AJ Banned, Pages Are Next

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Whether you like what Alex Jones has to say or not, it’s his freedom of speech that needs to be protected. I like Jones for the fact he’s turned me on to a ton of great people who really dig deep and give real news and facts.

But the freedom to his craft and speech needs to be protected because it’s your freedom of speech and craft on the chopping block too. He isn’t and doesn’t incite violence even though he plays the tough guy act and challenges people to fight one on one, at the same time people challenge him to fights and he never takes it. Point being he’s not telling people to harm others, I watched him over the years and see him enough to know better, until he does, his right to expression as well as ours needs to be held intact, otherwise it’s a major leap for totalitarianism, beyond the totalitarian tiptoe.

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Yes, Alex, despite his flaws that an be large at times, has helped many ppl access info they wouldn't have otherwise gotten to. I don't think he incites violence either.

Free speech doesn't include the right to a platform.

Trying to censor him on Facebook is one thing, trying to have him removed from the internet is the big problem.

Facebook contradicts itself and operates under pure hypocrisy but it’s their’s to do as they may, except they purport being open and free to any and all for expression, unless it’s the antithesis of what their politics are.

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