Trump on Race Relations; He's No Barack Obama For Sure

in #politics2 years ago

One of the 'odd' things that happened in the last 15 years ... Is that a lot of black people, are talking up Trump.Trump is a clear, obvious, white supremacist -- you can tell from his administration which is mostly white; and also his SILENCE towards the ongoing issues of racism this nation faces....

Has he even comforted ONE black family who's loved one was lost to untimely hate filled racist violence?

NO, he has not.Lots of blacks are loud about how Obama did nothing for black people; Lowkey endorsing Trump for another 4 years -- but why? Has he spoken out against police brutalizing our people? Has he addressed racism that Continues to make life for black people more difficult than it needs to be?


You and I will never see Trump get up and deliver a speech like this; to at least address the problem; and encourage the nation to do better ..... nope ... we won't hear a word; So why are blacks talking about Trump as if he's ... better?

Some odd times we are in; just as people are too stupid to stay home during a global pandemic; sadly the stupid has spilled over; just as they've dumbed down white america; as usual - our people are infected as well; and that's a "Plandemic" if there ever was one; the purposeful social engineering of us all ...


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