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The case for (urban) road tolls

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How quaint ... I apparently never replied to this one?

They don't have their special lanes anymore where the motorcycles and Evs could drive also?

Along the highways they tend to build an extra lane for this purpose if there is space, and in some areas they put up gates and other arrangement forcing ordinary cars to choose the highways while the buses can use the local roads. This helps a bit, but still ... I guess that more than 50% of the total bus network goes on ordinary roads where traffic jams can occur. Also, getting in and out of those special lanes can be a problem. I don't know what the planners are thinking of - but more often than not, when those special lanes stop, the traffic in those lanes are to yield for the traffic in the ordinary lane. That just doesn't make sense at all. If everyone is obeying the rules, and the ordinary lane is clogged, it will not be possible to exit the priority lane and hence there is no point in using the priority lane. I guess it's not much of a problem in practice, some drivers will eventually yield for the bus ... but still, it's just plain stupid to design systems that will only work if people "break" the rules ...

Same in some (few) uphills, we have an extra right lanes for the slowest traffic - but this lane is rarely used, it doesn't help much that the traffic in the rightmost lane has to yield for the other traffic at the top of the hill.

[People with special needs] could also have some RFID chip attached to the windshield and not be registered for paying when driving at certain hours.

If one want to reduce the car traffic, this gives the wrong incentives ... it will encourage people who are "lucky enough" to be considered too poor to afford the car traffic to use the car as much as possible. At the other hand, if children families get some direct monetary support for transportation, they will be free to decide for themselves if it makes sense driving or if there exists more profitable options.

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