The Bully Party - After being attacked Scott Adams finally endorses Trump and rants about the corruption

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In his latest blog entry Scott Adams finally calls out Hillary Clinton and supporters for inciting violence, turning Americans against each other, and generally acting like criminals. His previous articles focused on remaining neutral to avoid becoming a target, but after major social media sites started censoring him and people attacked him on twitter he has decided to speak out. To understand his new point of view, check out his recent experience with shadowbanning on both Twitter and Periscope..

Continued here

Right now he is being heavily attacked on twitter, apparently it started as soon as they removed the shadowban. You can check in on the war here He has some great replies.

So it seems even the calm and methodical master of persuasion can finally get angry, but it took political censorship and attacks that affected his business for him to finally stand up and shout about the cause. Whatever the reason, it is about time. Here is his best rant so far:

Full article is here:
Comic strips are almost as good as the articles:
Link to his book on Amazon - in case you feel like countering some negative reviews with positive ones.

Dilbert is right. The time to speak up is now folks.

If Hillary Clinton gets elected all these Correct the Record spammers, DNC violence inciters, race baiters, and political con-artists will be getting Government Jobs and Amnesty.

Speak up now and tell your friends to vote for the person most likely to avoid war with Russia, lower taxes, and investigate the criminals currently running the government. It may be the last chance we get.


I'm aussie, I'm standing with the Trump supporters.
I'm taking up the fighting in the regressive leftists most dominated sites online and I let them know I am aware of shills. They will block or ignore but they dont interact because they know I will expose them.
We need more pushing back.

Good to hear. The more people that speak up or comment back against these sleazy political activists the better!
I like to randomly post info and links about the shilling too, it's so worth it when they lose it and throw a tantrum in the comments.

Thanks for sharing Adams' point of view. I like to read as much as possible about the upcoming election.

You're welcome. I enjoy his point of view too, especially when he explains the persuasion tricks that are being used.

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