FBIRecordsVault releases the info Hillary Clinton called for!

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Hillary Clinton's call for information gets a swift reply.

Immediately after the Director of the FBI reopened the email case against Hillary Clinton, she challenged them to release all information regarding the case. Here is the short press conference, where the subject of multiple FBI investigations demands transparency from her investigators.

In response to Hillary Clinton's enthusiastic call for the FBI to release all information about the emails, the FBI has taken action. On Oct 30, the FBIRecordsVault twitter account released over 20 records. Many were related to the Clinton case, including files on Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, records and footage of the 2015 Boston Riots, a bunch of guides and procedure documents, and some random interest articles to provide cover.

Here is the list of relevant items in the order they were tweeted, with commentary in italics.

@FBIRecordsVault tweets, Oct 30

Thank you for asking them to be more transparent Hillary!

In another subtle reply to Clintons calls for more information, these FOIA related manuals and guides do seem to be included specifically to give people pointers on how to request information more accurately.

  • Security Division Processing of Forms Involving Activities Outside of the FBI:
  • Policy Directive 0481D: Policy Directive 0481D details actions taken by the FBI’s Records Management Division
  • Records Management Standards for Scanned Documents 0774D

Another thing to note, intermingled with this release is some very good clickbait designed to attract a specific audience. The tweets include releases that might attract electronics fans, 2nd amendment fans, and students.

  • Nikola Tesla: (1856-1943) https://vault.fbi.gov/nikola-tesla
    3 pdfs on Tesla have been posted with no description.

  • Laboratory Reference Firearms Collection Policy LD0020D: Since the 1930s the FBI Laboratory has maintained
    This is just a form, clickbait to get people to look. It also sits right under the William J Clinton Foundation tweet.

  • FBI Student Programs Policy Guide

  • Social Networking Sites and FBI Employee Guidance
    This is a job advertisement listing thier programs for hiring students and how to recruit them.

Looking at their timeline, this release is one of the largest in quite a while. It is very interesting that they chose to do this the week before the presidential election. They do have the best defense in the world though, she asked for it!

The twitter page is here if you would like to view the reports. Who knows, you might find some new keywords to search all the other leaked information for.



I am amazed at the FBI
Thank you for this report.

General David Patraeus did far less and was punished severly.
Martha Stewart lied to the FBI once(?) and was punished severly.

Is Hillary an unindicted conspirator that has done way worse but not punished yet?
Is Hillary above the law?
Is the DNC involved in election fraud?
Did Hillary and Bill Clinton get rich selling US Government favors?
Are the "Clinton Body Count" and "Clinton Dead Pool" just merely coincidences?

So many questions to ponder before the election on Nov. 8

Yes, it seems they want to prove they have some integrity after all. The implied messages are very interesting, like "please compare Clinton vs Patreaus cases", and the last two tweets referencing (smoking?) guns and the Clinton Foundation.

Found this Steemit news post video that sheds some light on FBI Director James Comey.
(Please excuse me. I am still learning how to link to other posts) Here it is:

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