Political Correctness: Feminism Has Gone (#me)TOO Far

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In early September, New Yorker magazine published an article in which a woman, Christine Blasey Ford, accused President Trump's nominee of the Supreme Court two months ago, Brett Kavanaugh, of abusing her when they were both students nearly 36 years ago. There is no evidence other than this woman's statement, but the case has unleashed a storm around the world that has caused more and more controversy as the days passed.

Last Thursday a Senate committee called on the plaintiff to testify and explain her case in Parliament. Kavanaugh also did so at his own request. The appearance, which had no trial value because the Senate lacks the capacity to judge, resulted in multiple charges on both sides. Kavanaugh defended his innocence in vain. The case was already on trial and the conviction was final.

The story of Brett Kavanaugh is undoubtedly something that is told and not believed. Mainly there are two reasons:

  1. there are many reasons to attack a candidate to preside over the Supreme and even any public office, we have already seen it with the multiple accusations of Trump for the purpose of carrying out the impeachment, however, these accusations must be justified. If Kavanaugh had committed a crime he can be charged, but always putting the relevant evidence on the table and that a judge decides, therefore a testimony of more than 36 years ago is not a convincing case to prosecute Kavanaugh, at times is innocent, however the media call him guilty for the statement of his detractor.

  2. It touches on the psychotropic, that a private affair between two teenagers that occurred in 1982, has taken over the media not only in the country but also the most important media in the world. Because all that is happening is because of something that happened 36 years ago, and for now all we have is an accusation by a party without a single piece of evidence in the way.

On the other hand, the accusation is very vague, more information is needed. It is not that the matter itself has been reported. So far all we know from the plaintiff's voice is that in 1982, during a youth party with high school students in Georgetown, Brett Kavanaugh, then 17, cornered Christine Blasey Ford in a room, threw her on a bed, tried to strip her naked, and she escaped from the room. That's all there is to it. If it were true, it would be no more than a misdemeanor, a mischief of teenagers. Punishable and reprehensible, no doubt, but understandable within that context: high school students up to the top of alcohol during a party.

Had he denounced then, Judge Kavanaugh today would have been in serious trouble back then, most likely not in the place where he is today. He would probably have been kicked out of school or maybe worse depending on how strict that institute is on this subject.

But Ford didn't report when he had to. He just let the abuse pass. Because, if it happened, it was that very thing, an abuse, not a rape. I insist on this because if we call everything rape, how will we then call the real violations in which there is violence, penetration, outrage and psychological damage often irreparable? No doubt , in this case,there is a complete distortion of the term that is used by those who support the accuser and the media itself. This makes no sense at all as a term is being trivialized that delimits a very serious crime that must be punished harshly by law.

Whether it is an abuse or a violation, in order for an accusation of this nature to be substantiated in a conviction, the accuser must prove it in court. That has not happened so far. So what we should be asking ourselves is why the Democratic Party has got into this absurd business?

Obviously, it is clear and normal that they oppose Trump's candidate to preside over the Supreme Court. It is part of political logic. However, the Democratic Party has urged to play the dirtiest part of political power, the ad hominen argument, instead of using other measures such as, for example, that do not agree with this man's legal philosophy or may even subject his record to exhaustive scrutiny and if they find something abnormal to bring it to light.

However, you have before you a judge who has made a very successful career. Aside from being a judge in the Court of Appeals, he was secretary of the White House Staff office for three years under George W Bush. As a judge he has handled important cases, some of them very mediatic. The dirty and disgusting thing about the Democratic Party (which really doesn't surprise me at this point given its history) is that they want to end the career of a man as successful as Kavanaugh was. What the Democratic Party is doing is starting a campaign of pure civil assassination over a political issue.

In the last two weeks, following Christine Blasey Ford's accusation, he has been overly discredited, insulted and dishonored. They have even accused him of being a white supremacist without even providing any evidence. He has been accused of racism and perjury in a 2004 interrogation that was duly cut to support the accusation. As a cherry on the cake, he is being accused of other sexual abuses. One by a Deborah Ramirez whom he agreed with at Yale and whom he apparently showed the virile member during a party... in the 1983-1984 school year. Another from a woman named Julie Swetnick, who accuses him of group rape in his student years. And once again these accusations remained in the jargon because both ladies have not provided evidence to affirm what they lived, and what has the Democratic Party done about it? Continue fanning the fire to continue the witch-hunt against Kavanaugh.

Any person with racism would know that this is nothing more than a media campaign that seeks to defame Kavanaugh, this is nothing more than a circus that we do not know very well how it will end. At last Friday's Senate committee hearing, little progress was made because a committee is not a court. Despite that, it was followed by half the world live, but the least was the committee itself. The media called it a "storm. It didn't matter, the verdict had already been issued: the judge is guilty with no possibility of appeal.

This is the saddest thing of all. The burden of proof has been definitively reversed in all matters relating to sexual abuse. The principle that women cannot lie has been enshrined. But that principle is fallacious. Women lie like all human beings regardless of sex, race, or social status. Lying is part of our nature.

A year ago the #MeToo movement called for justice. It's good that they demanded it, but the most capricious thing of all is that, because of their excesses, they are getting the opposite. Far from supporting women is harming those who have really been victims of an assault and, naturally, men falsely accused who have mothers, partners, sisters, and daughters.

It would not be strange if in the end no one ended up believing anything and this ended up as it always does. Even more so when we see how a good cause such as denouncing sexual abuse is used for a party to use it politically. This is the real storm Kavanaugh and not what happened in the Senate.

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The backlash for the outrageous behavior prevailing our society will be awful and have long lasting effects. I hope my daughter can rise above it all because it's her generation that will have to fix all of this.