Violence​ ​and​ ​Politics​ ​Are​ ​Inseparable

in politics •  10 months ago

[Originally published in the Front Range Voluntaryist, article by Sean O'Ceallaigh]

You might hear some people say, "There is no place for violence in politics." This is a premise failure. Without the threat of violence, government can't exist. Politics is nothing but how which side decides to use violence to their advantage. Politics would be meaningless without the threat of violence. Exactly my every last point. Thus, politics is only effective when a threat of violence is present. Politics is violence, and is also the art of manipulating and bullshitting people into thinking that it is anything but advocating for violence.

How about we stop advocating for force, coercion and violence to be "free", instead of arguing all the bogus thinking, bullshit ideology and "politics?" We may want to consider the same things every decent parent teaches their kids growing up, "Live and let live, and mind your own business, and you can't tell others how to live their lives.”

Advocating for the initiation of force, coercion and violence is the exact opposite of believing in and/or valuing freedom. It is 100% contradictory and self defeating before even starting the ideal. Freedom isn’t, has never been and never will be, the promise of safety, security or comfort. It is the promise of the ability for each individual to choose for themselves, or reject for themselves a chance to be better, without hindrance or deterrence from external sources, period. Manipulate definitions and the meaning of words all you like; no one will be any better for doing so, ever. In fact it makes everyone's life infinitely worse in endless ways.

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