Poll:61 Are you politically Motivated?

in politics •  3 months ago


Most of us do have a favorite Politician or Political belief that we might feel strongly motivated by. Though some of us are not so easily moved emotionally because the cause is not necessarily consistent with what we actually believe ourselves and then there are others who will do and say anything just to counted in.

Share your opinion everyone has their own opinion and we believe your opinion is important to be heard so just leave a comment.

social media makes us a better wiser platform to be enjoyed by the world. Your voice is instrumental and your Opinion has a value now and later on so please leave an appropriate comment most times even a yes or no is helpful thank you.

  • please refer your comments to the question being polled thanks again for your opinion.

Poll:61 Are you politically Motivated?

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Yes, I am politically motivated by Indian PM Modi @theopinion

I don't like political

I consider myself politically active somewhat, I am an advocate for freedom and limited government. Whatever form that takes is fine by me. I am not loyal to one political party/movement.

No, I am not politically influenced.

#Poll:61 Are you politically Motivated?

i would ... be ... but i dont see the point in belgium, i once contacted the local pirate party (sounds a lot more frivolous than it is) but i found a bunch of lazy hippies too stoned to even get going on getting the required signatures, which probably would have been a bad image from the start in a conservative place like this anyway. That was about a lightyear away from shining stars like Amelia Andersdottir or Julia Reda ... (with people like THAT, i could seriously get into it (from the shadows, i hate the spotlight))

so i guess not, i'm not even required to vote anymore for years , they once took my right and i never asked it back since,
since i wouldnt know who to vote for even if (yes you're right, doc on that one) if you dont vote you dont disagree , you agree with whoever wins, right ?

politicis is usually filth and here in the capital of europe corruption is like a department of the secret service , lol. Don't say censorship or breaking your own laws

call it "raison d'état" .. i see someone here mention Modi btw, i read a bit about the man, certainly someone special making waves, a bit conservative but if you preside over a billion people you can't just go around creating storms everywhere, right?

glad to see you're back, i was running short on things to vote on with @ubasti :D

(owh yea, as opposed to the states for instance here you are REQUIRED to vote, its not a question of "please register" its a question of if you dont show up you'll get a fine, lol, which means plenty of people stand there throwing a dart at it imo)