[SRS] The left and the right are not meant to fight

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Today's political viewing is simple Left vs. Right. Into the ring and fight!
But why? Leftwing and Rightwing are natural enemies, or not? Are you sure?
It's not that easy.

This whole "war" between political sides is going too far, is this really necessary? Left and right are not meant to be enemies, they are meant to be competitors.

What's the difference?

The result of war is, that one side will be defeated, and one victorious.
The result of competition is, that the final product will rise on value.
Therefore we've lost incredible amount of value in this senseless war.


Goal of the political party should be countering the program and plans of other political parties by their own programs. Simple, it's their product. Everyone should try their best to offer higher quality stuff. Of course there is no chance of attracting everyone, as there is no chance of making someone who hates apples to buy them.

Saying "I don't agree with this thing", has absolutely no added value. But saying "I have a better plan", that is the difference.
Politicians are drastically decreasing on value, but that's also caused by lowering standards of people.

Ideal political party should be able to answer to all plans of other parties, from their perspective of course. You cannot agree on 100% with anyone, that's impossible. However the side you choose should be competent to deal with everything, ranging from big issues to the smallest ones. Having answers for one or two questions is just not enough. Beware the pathetic, screaming fools with slogans and no actual plans for future.

Side doesn't matter

No matter if you're leftwing or rightwing, you finally have to understand that the other side is not your enemy, it's your competition. Stop screaming empty phrases, and think for a second. Learn to accept other people's opinions, think from both perspectives and choose the best one that suits you.

Be individual. Think for yourself, and make your own decision. Have your own opinion. Individuality is the key.

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