Welcome to The Absurd Circus or A Little Bit About Democracy in Russia!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, only today and only now! Come in, do not hesitate!

don't sell your vote!

I beg you, do not pay attention to such nonsense as a civic duty, the future of your children, common sense or... how is it called... exactly, conscience! I know for sure that you all look forward to the elections! And it is not so important "who and for what will be chosen"... this is a mere trifle! We all know what really matters! Well, bolder, braver same! Say it yourself... Yes! MONEY! Are your lives or your children's lives worth anything? Do you need this useless freedom?! Of course not! But three dollars... what? Do you, sir, have a conscience? Well, for you five dollars! The extra money never hurts! Well done! Put a tick here... Come, an old lady, only today bread is 50 times cheaper than usual in exchange for your passport data! You don't even need to go to the elections yourself! What? How will your grandchildren live? Wonderful, just wonderful! In 5-10 years everything in our country will be fine, we will be billionaires! Here is your bread, goodbye!

Do not pass by, sir... ah, you are an employee of a state institution, a soldier or a student, it means that with you already "was a talk" and you will vote for someone for whom "We" will say! You do not want to be fired or expelled from college, isn't it? It's fine! I've always loved free voices! Well, well, well... wait for a second... We have a criminal in our ranks of obedient citizens! A scoundrel, a troublemaker! We do not take to recall the Constitution, laws and rights! Everyone silently does what they are told! What is it? Violations filmed?

Well this is also not a problem! From now video recording will not be evidence of a crime! Well, what do you want? When money and power are at stake, the law is on our side! But the guilty will be punished! Those who make these records and publish them on the Internet are real criminals, terrorists! They undermine the authority of our holy government!

But in the rest, of course, we have democracy... on paper.

Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down

Odetta - God's Gonna Cut You Down

Sincerely, Rebellious Terry Craft.

P.S. I decided to make an attempt to write this with humor... 'cause it's too sad to take it seriously, although it's true. This has long been absurd! People who have stolen a bag of potatoes, so that the family does not starve to death, are imprisoned for about three years, but politicians stealing billions are released with a fine of less than one million is imposed.

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Great post. Yes this is reality in every country. The corrupt behavior of political system is the root cause of underdevelopment in my country too. It is said that we are all equal before law, but in reality the dountroden have been victimized every year every day. The government throw us bone to eat, but show of differently.Great post friend,how are you doing, wish you a very good time.

Hello, Maya!

Most of all in this matter, my thoughts are tormented by the fact that those who are willing to sell self for a few dollars decide the fate of all the others... because such people are the majority!

P.S. I'm fine, thank you.

I think your country is a democratic and a develop one, in your country too all these happenes.I know that Russiya is a world largest country and power, but I am surprised from the real senerio. Thanks for sharing such an amazing fact about your country. I am also fine, wish you good luck and happiness friend.

Great post, this is the truth. -)

It's true.
We do not have fair elections in Russia.
Illegal President Putin created in the country a semi-authoritarian half-totalitarian regime.
The income of the population fell by at least 33% from 2012 according to official statistics.
Add to this the annexation of the Ukrainian territory of Crimea, the invasion of state troops in Ukraine to the Donbas and Lugansk region and the murder of politicians such as Boris Nemtsov and the murder of independent journalists, for example Anna Politkovskaya, who investigated the crimes of the Putin regime.

This is true. I'm from Belarus and we live in totalitarianism also.

Love the sarcarsm, nice piece, i hope the citizens can look beyond money, and vote for a better future

Hope for this too...

Sad, but I think it happens in every country...thanks for sharing upvoted and followed

Nice Post! thank for share

upvoted your vote is important for me @deshwal

Bagus kawan semoga jadi pelajaran buat semua

Politics ....... Poly=many .......tics=blood sucking parasite............nuff said.

If voting made a difference, they wouldn't let us do it.

Mark Twain

@terrycraft Excellent Tale. Awesome you ended up in the position to hustle your way out of your respective condition.

thanks for share ;)

You're welcome! :)

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