The Underbelly of The Covington Event

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The last few days watching the debate unfold over what happened at what has now become known as the Covenington Event I had to go watch the video for myself so I could adequately debate the issue. What I found was everyone was obsessing over if a kid was smiling or smirking while the real problem at the event went unnoticed. To be quite honest the whole thing was rather comical because here was a small group of men called Black Hebrew Israeli's insulting anybody who approached them yet they went unscathed by the media. The guy who reinforced what the main speaker was saying sounded just like Eddie Griffin, the actor who played in Undercover Brother, the spy spoof where Griffin seems to get out of everything, which is rather ironic given that these guys walked around all day spewing hatred, bigoted, vile stuff at people and at the very end of the video the police actually walk up to them and asked if they were okay because they got a report they were being can't make this stuff up people, you just can't. After all the racist, vile, intimidating, insulting, instigating and threatening behavior these guys dished out the police wanted to be sure they were okay. What's even more surprising is that outside of a couple of Indian guys who got really upset with them everyone who approached them and/or got stationed near them like the kids from Covington were polite to these guys, even the one's who got flustered just walked away flustered. By the time these guys got done insulting the kids from Covington and their bus showed up you never seen a happier group of guys to see a bus in their whole lives. Even if you just watch the last half hour, forty five minutes of the tape it's worth it's weight in comedy gold, after the kids from Covington flee for the bus in utter joy the guys turn around and say what do we have here, a prayer circle, the republicans leave so the democrats start praying, they then go on to lash into them about being Catholic's who worship idols which is evident by just stepping inside the doors of a Catholic church and we ain't even got to talking about the child molesting priest. Like I said, you can't make this stuff up, you really, really can't.

th (7).jpg

This kid smiled or smirked depending on your perspective......


but these guys said all the vicious, vile stuff below....yet the media didn't even notice

Indians tribes aren't going to get their food stamps, people in the projects aren't going to get their food stamps because of those white pompous ass bastards over there wearing maga hats.

Where is your husband? This is the whole problem, women coming up with their loud mouths and distractions with their loud ass mouths because they ain't use to dealing with real men. This is why you got your ass stomped by the white man.

You are the devil, a culture vulture, a blue eyed demon.

Why don't you come up and ask a question billy, don't stand to the side, bring your crack ass up here, come over here in the lions den, you dirty ass crackers, your day is coming.

You wouldn't walk up on anybody in a black neighborhood playing no games like that cause I'd put my foot up your ass, we don't give a damn about your police, ain't nobody playing with these dusty ass crackers out here.

Where is the hate in the Bible? We're going to show you the hate in the Bible. We got Trump supporters, he got his hat on, see how you got these pompous bastards come down here in the middle of a native rally with their dirty ass hats on, their dusty ass hat on, you dusty ass animals.

We out here to warn the people before destruction cometh, destruction is coming as we speak right now. Every nuclear power has a nuclear bomb faced this way, that all have their nuclear power toward America, America is on it's way out, America is on it's last leg. America is finished, finished. Just as it talks about Jerusalem it talks about us, we are the people before the land so we out here trying to tell you to show you all so called blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans that you are the Israelite's according to the Bible, the people in Israel are not the true Jews, they are imposters.

That's the reason why standing rock isn't standing no more, that's why you are drunkards in the damn casino's and plantations, you want to drink fire water.

Offended Indian steps forward, tells them to show some respect, tells them he ain't afraid of them.

Ain't no fucker scared of you neither motherfucker, why don't you show some motherfuckening respect.

That's why you stuck on stupid but you want to call me a mother fucker but you taking all that anger but you don't know what we talking about, a bunch of demons, dumb ass niggers, always talking out their ass but you won't say that to this peckerwood wearing a maga hat, you bunch of uncle tommyhawks, bunch of uncle tomahawks, out your minds, got your heads up the white man's ass.

You still worshiping totem poles, I seen those idols. I seen what you worship in the bodega's, you out of your mind. You worship the eagle, you worship the phoenix, you worship the buffalo, what do you think that's speaking of man, there are the the idols you have been worshiping, your idols can't save you, a damn buffalo can't save you, how's a damn buffalo going to save you, you eat a damn buffalo, you wear a buffalo, you niggers are crazy, you worship the creations and not the creator, you want to worship every damn animal, the water, the fire, worship all the elements, why don't you worship the creator of the elements, Christ walked on water, he can control the winds, that's the reason the white man's got a foot in your ass.

That's why you have little Billy and them over there with their make America great again hats and you have the little Kanye's next to them, little Kanye niggers, little coonye's.

America's has never been great, we not sparing your feelings - we don't care if you like it or you don't . Everyone will burn in the lake of fire because America is going down. When has America ever been great for the Native Americans, when has America ever been great for the black man - It's only been great for you damn peckerwoods when you have free labor, you all got the nerve to wear those stupid hats and you simple coonye west over there, the wicked will not go unpunished.

Indian says you ain't God

I know I ain't God, I am warning you nigger, dumb ass nigger.

Indian says shut the fuck up.

Let me ask you something . You got all these dirty ass crackers behind you with a red make America hat again on and your coon ass want to fight your brother - you got all these racist bastards with red - you nigger, you nigger with all these racist bastard ass maga nats on and you talking about you want to get violent with us - get your uncle tom ass out of here, get your super sambo ass out of here, super sliven ass nigger man. Your dismissed you got your five minutes of fame.

Look at all these dusty ass bastards with their racist garbage on, look at these dirty ass crackers, can't stand in the sun for five minutes.

You want to build a wall for Mexico when is the last time you ever seen a Mexican, Hispanic, Native American or negro shoot up a school...yeah crickets, crickets, a bunch of future school shooters, look at these animals scatter off (everyone starts running away from them) they ass gone, future school shooters.

You want to build a wall on stolen land, you crackers are crazy, you crackers got some damn nerves, that's why every body hates your ass.

You crackers are some slippery ass bastards, you better keep your distance, you better keep your distance, see how these demons are vicious aren't they. Your white Jesus is not in the Bible there's no such thing as a white Jesus.

We're warning you of the wicked man whose ever living fowl of God, who ever's a faggot, a lesbian, a child molester, like R Kelly or like the damn playboy mansion bastard like Huge Hefner or like the child molesting faggot priest right there, the Catholics are child molesters because Catholics that's what they do they worship the men children.

This is the religion of America. Like these maga people there, a bunch of child molesting faggots, just like your damn Donald Trump, if you google, go on utube and you'll see your faggot president kissing Giuliani when Giuliani is dressed like a drag queen, a damn faggot, that's all ye's is is a bunch of pedophiles, you all want to talk about R Kelly why don't we talk about the Roman Catholic Church and especially you so called Hispanics and Negroes you got no business calling yourselves Roman Cathoics . When's the last time you been a Roman or been to Rome, when's the last time you so called blacks, Hispanics been to Rome.

Confronted by an Indian

This nigger scarfin now, he's being a uncle Tom, a uncle Tomahawk.

Indian says come on over here.

You don't want to do that, you jumping up, you want to get physical, don't do that brother.

Indian ask why.

You want to coon now, ain't no coon here, you might as well put on one of those red hats.

Indian tells them you might as well put on a white hat.

You might as well put on red hat you a simple motherfucker, look at this dumb ass nigger, stupid ass niggers man, get your dumb ass out of here man, uncle tomahawk.

Kid on skate board starts skating around.

Soon as you touch my shit you going down, you get to close, get to close your ass gonna be laid out you peckerwood as bastard. Let him get to close I am going to whack has ass - you seen my staff?, my blue staff - he gets to close I am going to tear his ass up.

This is what America produces, a bunch of assholes, you look like a republican fricken demon.

The biggest terrorist are the pale face man, woman and child.

Threatens more violence.

Come closer you gonna catch this - starts knocking his staff up and down on the pavement.

When the government shuts down what you gonna do peckerwoods, what's it gonna come down to, the police, security? You ain't gonna be able to call 911, you ain't, we gonna show you what survival of the fittest is, your gonna see the purge because the purge is coming, I hope you crackers are ready, but they mock the messages of the most high, may the lord strike him down and his children, may the lord strike down his mother and father. I hope the most high casts you to the pits of hell.

Look at this vagabond, this is a five dollar Indian this is what a five dollar Indian looks like.

Skate boarder returns.

Soon as he make a mistake I am going to tear his ass up, I'll telling you. I am trying to be patient but soon as he make a mistake thinking he can come up on somebody I am gonna jump on his ass, soon as he gets too close I am gonna knock him off that board and I am gonna fuck him up. It's a keep your personal space and ground.

I see you, a bunch of incest babies, this is what maga looks like, when was it ever great.

God damn dogs, get rid of your lice, bunch of hyena's, bunch of Donald Trump incest children. Look at this garbage, you dirty bastards, better be ready. Bunch of future school shooters.

You all crackers? You got one nigger in the crowd, two niggers in the crowd. (Young black boy steps forward) get out nigger, get out, get out, get out nigger. You all step back, step back, keep your distance (slaps staff up and down on ground)

You all got Trump water, what does Trump water taste like, does it taste like incest.

Christ is coming back to kick your white asses, Christ is coming back to kick your white asses.

*Quotes taken from this Utube video, some quotes may not be in the order said because my papers got mixed up.


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