Unapolagetic American Propaganda. (Part 2) Top TEN songs to invade countrys too.

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I have Made a list of a few older and mostly more modern songs that I believe represent American soldiers in the world abrod. It is a fact that America spends more then any other country on earth on its military because It is the major force behind the N.A.T.O. Aliance . War has alwayes been a large part of the American culture and It has shown in our music for centuries. This is just a more modern sample.

10 . Bad Company - Bad Company

9 . Skinny Puppy - Assimilate

8 . Drowning Pool - Bodies

7 . FGFC820 - In Country

6 . La Coka Nostra - I am an Ameican

5 . FGFC820 - Revolt Resist

4 . Edwin Starr - War

3 . Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side of Heaven

2 . US Army - We are Soldiers

1 . FGFC820 - Anthem

Honerable Mentions

It was difficult not to include these songs into my list. I feel that one needs to fully grasp the price of freedom to respect war as a dangorous beast that threatens life no matter your political beliefs you fight for. Or your famaly at home witch enjoy the freedoms we sacrifice so much for every day.

Five Finger Death Punch - Gone Away

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lol upvoted

here is some of what we mean, America may suck some place sbut the whoel WORLD sucks more and when you go to teh dveelping world you realize that america ROCKS america relly IS te best and peopel are butthurt about it!

lol this post made me smile when I saw that first image...

"We'll help you pack".... LOL absolutely brilliant!


What a good article. This is true.thanks for post this amazing article.

good post

How can war be a part of a culture?
Are there special holydays for wars that have been won?
Like let's celebrate all the losses we had, the big dept we accumulated, the mentally damaged veterans and the enemies we made?
Is there any positiv effect of a war other than profit for some?
Maybe i didn't spot the irony.


To answer your first question : War is part of American culture. America has been at war 93% of the Time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776

To answer your second question :yes. Independence Day, 4th of July. Veterans Day, November 11. Memorial Day, Last day of May.

And as for your moral high ground, the debt this country accumulates, the veterans who proudly served and should be treated much better if injured. I prefer giving veterans free care over giving criminal immigrants free anything. And as for the positive effect of war ? How about a country where we can still speak our mind despite opposing views without violence. A place that will not kill you for your preferred sexual orientation or religious background. Try living in Saudi Arabia and being a gay christian. I don't think you will last long. There Is no Irony in this post and if I have offended you ... I don't care



Sorry Sir. I didn't want to offend you.
I was just curious. For me a culture was always something enjoyable, positive and good.
Sonething You hopefully really like and enjoy to share with others. I have a hard time connecting this to a war.
Wow, it is crazy how little time the US was in peace.. so I totally get your point.

Alright there are a few of these days but isn't it more about the fact that you came together to make yourself independant rather that the fact that you destroyed the enemy?

I didn't want to come across as I'm on a moral high ground. I'm certanly not in a place where I can be morally superior.
I prefer giving everybody as much free care as possible. What makes a veteran better than an activist who managed to stop the pollution of a river for example? He's a hero too, isn't he?
Can you really speek freely in the US? Or can you really be a proud homosexual in texas for example? Are atheists treatened exactly the same as religilous people?
Good example with saudi arabia. Why is it then that the US supports saudi arabia that much? With weapons and economical advandage over his neighbours. I'm with you. A gay christian should be threatend equal to any straight atheist but we as humans should be able to solve this issue without a war.
I feel like a war should only occur when the whole population of a country wants to destroy another country. Most of the time it is just the goverment who wants to make a war so just let the presidents in a boxmatch and let it be that way. Why involve millions of people for a conflict they don't even know what they are fighting for.
What was the reason to attack Irak and Afgahnistan when most of the supposed gangsters came from saudi arabia?

I'm not offended at all I was just curious.
So you served in a war?

Cheers and have a nice day!

Lol! All these people complaining that we should lower our military budget as if its not part of our economy. As if not actively participating in war means we should lower our defense budget to 0. hilarious!


good one :) seems like you have done a good survey

Lol had to throw in the US Army song. Man I have a few on my list that are good too that you didnt. A good sign that there are just too many song made to invade countries to