U.S. National Debt passes $22 trillion .... or $1,254,646 per BTC if you are counting in Bitcoin..!!

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#Investors-Group - U.S. National Debt passes $22 trillion..!!


...or $1,254,646 per BTC if you are counting in #Bitcoin..!!

U.S. National Debt passes $22 trillion ....or $1,254,646 per BTC if you are counting in #Bitcoin..!!

Assuming every #Bitcoin that has been mined was available and the figure currently stood at 17,534,825 coins, this would equate to a #Bitcoin price of $1,254,646.

Now obviously, not all those #Bitcoins that have been mined are available and that this is only the U.S. Debt and no other.

Taking these two points into consideration, #Bitcoin has the potential to go higher than this, much higher..!!

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Now that is an incredible statistic!

Is that all haha... I think we can reach 30 trillion before shit start to happen with the dollar 😂

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Truly staggering isn't it? The only way out is through default or more inflation. Gotta lower that debt to gdp ratio somehow. It will never be paid back regardless.

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I find that to be a rather frightening statistic @stephenkendal! Seems a little sad that in spite of it we are still bumbling along near the bottom in the crypto markets.

Since the debt will only get larger, if this is the method used to calculate the value of BTC in USD, the projected value of BTC will continue to grow in time.

good point
long BTC

Oh. That is a huge figure for me to dream of even acquring

It will be a mess!

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