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RE: Retaliation is not a political argument in favor of your cause

in #politics3 years ago

You're right about those sort of remarks coming from our parents. But it continues on into our political lives as we get older with an almost seamless transition. If you don't believe in a law and provide facts to it being useless for society to live together, too bad, you're doing it anyway or else you will be punished. "Do what I say or else!"

These people that resort to using violence to punish those who don't follow their political views have been learning that from the governments that have been punishing people if they have different political views for 100's or years. It's still not acceptable and I don't in any way condone any of it, but if world governments only get their way because they use violence against others, I would expect that some people will follow their example and try the same thing.


Thank you for your comment.