WRONG THINK | Sargon Of Akkad and Stefan Molyneux

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Earlier this week YouTube disabled Carl Benjamin's Google account and left him unable to access his popular Sargon of Akkad video channels. Carl Benjamin, popularly known as Sargon of Akkad, joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss the continued push for censorship from the radical left, the challenges of being a content creator, the failures of totalitarian government intervention, the problem with purity testing and much much more!

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Minds: http://www.minds.com/Sargon_of_Akkad

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You have my 100% upvote good sir(21 cents!) :)

Make sure that you give out some upvotes, you can reward your listeners with your upvotes also!

Stefan could, or that other guy could on his behalf.
Also, @Cernovich is on Steem now too.

yeah, we been talking about it in our @informationwar discord :)

Let me know if you want a link.

Is a discord like a private chat and is the chat deleted after a while?

The chat always stays there, its a group chat and you can send messages to people too.

We got all the info here :)


AKA private and I prefer public conversations that can be seen everywhere or anywhere and forever for even people outside of the conversation.

You can just chat in the groupchat then if you want everyone to see everything, it never goes away. That is where we all chat.

That is good.

That is good.

wow you finally made one of these. ive been trying to get you noobs to make one of these for almost a year now.... edit

oh shit you've been here. How the fuck have you not been promoting the fuck out of this platform as an alternative income source

Is this the official Steem of @stefan.molyneux? He should mention it in a video if he hasn't.

it is, he pinned it on his twitter for all the places he is.

Good. I see that now on his Twitter. Molyneux is here, and on Gab, Minds, Bitchute, etc. That is good.

I'm all for better debates even as the left fails to step up.

Sargon has never uttered a single word of "wrong think." He's never pushed a single button that the system forbids you to push. Sargon is in full support of absolutely everything the establishment wants. You can make fun of deranged feminists within that, you know. He's so milquetoast that I suspect he uploaded a Prince album to YouTube to get his channel banned as a way to avoid debating any more alt right figures.

Stefan has certainly flirted pretty hard with the line. He definitely leads people to some absolutely forbidden doors.

Sargon does offer some insight that is interesting to say the least even if it is not allegedly against globalism. However, Sargon is at least open to talk about stuff a bit more than SJWs. And that is refreshing to say the least. It is a step towards the right direction.