Sen. Cory Booker's Unhinged S**thole Breakdown! - Rebutted!

in politics •  2 years ago 

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I'm no Trump fan, but Booker's outburst was unsettling. He's emulating his opponent--really nutty.


Corey Booker needs to be examined to see if he is mentally fit enough to continue serving in Congress

@Stefan, you are by far one of my fav's online. I retweet you on twitter as @notalemming and @Libertyranger, who is currently suspended for having an opinion that was contrary to Facist Jack Hole.
This is a platform I am also divorcing myself frm slowley but surely. I have found https://gab.ia is much more suiting to liberty minded people.

You will find that you get even more support if you go ahead and pull the trigger and dump Youtube and start recording over on It needs high profile users like you to help push it to mass adoption and internet media prominence and help shove the door shut on Youtube

I told @hagoodman the same thing this afternoon. If we are going to make a difference in the news media we need to divorce ourselves of the ones that abuse and hide ourt post in favor of Dick Pics and leftist drivel that only serves to promote an agenda that is anti-American.

Please i implore you sir, marry your videos with @dtube and let the vine shrivel at the Do Evil Google video server known as the Censorship king, Youtube.

Stay True Sir.
Much Respect.

Please vote for @libertyranger for witness

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Thank you Stefan for pointing out the fact that no one other than Dick Durbin claims to have heard the comment. Mr Trump denies saying it, no one else heard it. A small detail that is missing in most of the coverage I have seen covering this alleged story. #fakenews

I was surprised to find I hadn't followed you yet.