The European Union is Falling Apart as Countries Exit and Mass Immigration is Unstoppable!

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Euro Dominos

Divides were visible since the day of the seismical vote of June 23, when Brits signaled their desire to be the first E.U. member to withdraw from the bloc. The British pound got into turmoil by losing its value against the major currencies and the world’s financial markets swooned as a result.

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However, Britain euro-skepticism is not the exception; other nations pose a bigger threat to the future of the E.U., all stemming from political discontent with the euro.


In Greece, the far-Left ruling socialist party, Syriza, is determined to overthrow eurozone policies. The initial symptom of this was the Greek upheaval against the loss of their economic independence through E.U. diktat from Frankfurt or Brussels.


In Spain, Italy and France, voters are up against mainstream parties that uphold E.U. institutions like the euro at the expense of representing their own citizens, the voters.

Scandinavia & Benelux

The issue of immigration also remains crucial. In Britain, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands immigration has become a touchstone for the popular stance that institutions are not representing the people.

These people condemn the mass immigration of people entering eurozone under the guise of refugee and asylum. They link accepting more ‘refugees’ to more ‘terror attacks’ in the continent. They claim that over 5000 Islamic jihadists who pretend to seek asylum could have entered Europe in this manner.

The people blame the politicians

European political institutions are to blame since they antithetically welcome refugees and attempt to integrate Muslim populations.

As the PM of the United Kingdom Theresa May said in her recent tour to Poland and Slovakia, the desire to control immigration was at the heart of their choice to vote for a divorce from the E.U. Britons do not want the presence of E.U. workers despite EU’s warning that Britain will be denied access to the E.U. single market if forces European workers out of its borders.

A Europe Divided!

Positions across Europe are divided on the migration aspect of Brexit: some countries are in favour of exempting U.K. from the rule on freedom of movement. These eurosceptic undertones show how many more E.U. member states are desirous of having and eating their own cake.

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I still don't understand the people who say that migrants steal their jobs.
A migrant comes with a career and they come to live here. It generates more jobs as they also have needs that should be covered. It is like natural growth of the population but skipping the childhood of a big chunk of the population (in europe governments pays for vaccines, medical treatment and education of their citizens). They save us lot of money in that way.

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