Every man not in his place

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(inmates running wild.)

In a more rational past, when society provided for asylums to care for the mentally unstable, physicians conducted an experiment to help control their unruly charges. A section of the mess hall was cordoned-off, to be reserved for those who earned special privileges by observing specified behavioral conduct as set-forth in the rules of the institution. Soon, higher functioning inmates were eagerly conforming to the behavioral guidelines and began to compete with each other for the privilege of dining in a section of the mess hall that was no different from other areas, excepting for the arbitrary labels assigned by their indifferent staff. How could mere labels change perceptions of the inmates, to view one mess area as more “privileged” than another? Simply, when man’s mental reference frame becomes unstable, he loses all faculties related to assigning value on objects within his environment. Mental illness is merely the defect in man’s capacity to prioritise and organise his life, in accordance with values that pertain to his station in society. Those unfortunate souls, lost in mishmash of values, unable to function in any capacity within society due to mental problems, latched onto external presentation of seemingly concrete value system, with tangible rewards and penalty.

The modern man, adrift in the humanist society of “individuality,” divorced from any and all connection to the inheritance of his past, nor to the obligation owed to his future, languors in a valueless and vacuous system. The only focus of the modern man is upon social mobility, which in the modern humanist world is measured only in term of capital accruement, and is driven to enervating haste by his all encompassing fear of being left behind in the imaginary race towards the privileged section of the asylum’s mess hall. The vicious humanist myth of equality among men, coupled with the toxic concept of merit-based social mobility - ie meritocracy - has engendered in the modern man a sense of urgency and competitiveness against his neighbor. In addition, these humanist nonsense is nested within a socioeconomic philosophy of “sink or swim” perspective, then men, by necessity, must sell themselves, in order to merely stay afloat. These exhausted and debilitated shells of humanity are in a perfect condition to be manipulated by clever propagandists towards consumerist behaviors, much like the inmates of asylums were easily convinced to perceive one area of mess hall as being more desirable than another by mere arbitrary labels.

It is truly a remarkable sight to behold the modern man, thoughtlessly subjecting himself to hours in a cue, in order to purchase the next i-bauble, identical to the trinket he has in his current possession. It is altogether puzzling to observe the modern man, “living” in a residence 300-400% above his income, using all his waking hours away from his home. It is a perversity to witness the modern man, rabidly consuming the latest baubles, ostensibly to “save” time, only to use all his idle hours obsessively devouring one insipid entertainment after another, on his internet devise connected to all the social networks. Modern man is cursed with all these restless activities, stemming from his pathologic anxiety of being left behind in his “individual” race to the top. Man disconnected from his heritage, society, station, and purpose has become an artificial life, yet society rambles on about funding projects to create “artificial intelligence.” Those seeking AI merely need to glance at the empty shell of his neighbor.

Society built upon the sands of false premise will eventually collapse upon itself. Men are not equal. Men are not “individuals” divorced from his race, culture, and history. Men’s values do not spring forth from nature unbidden, but are instilled through tradition and social conditioning. Men’s purpose derives not from chasing social mobility, but pursuing his duties within his station, as determined by his circumstance, by God, if you will. One does not buy his way into a social station, but is born into it. The purpose of a social construct is to provide a place for every man, where every man has his place. A nation of social climbers is but a nation of whores, deliriously selling themselves to grasp at that which is beyond their comprehension.

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