Democracy is dead

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The recent China virus panic in the West has clearly demonstrated the monumental failure that is democracy - the predominant governing theory, to which the modern humanist religiously and dogmatically adheres. The sham that is “representative” government in the West is beginning to unravel, as their information distribution infrastructure becomes unhinged in their race to garner more viewership by spreading panic and fear, as their society crumbles into dust around them. The so-called “freedom of press” or “freedom of speech” is shown to be nothing more than license for opportunists and hucksters to profit by increasing chaos and misery in their so-called “free” societies. The only proficiency of the Western “free” press is in spreading panic, ignorance, and discontent; the “freedom of speech” is nothing more than license to disseminate ignorance and to detract from the common sum of human knowledge. The deadlier sickness, with which the West is infected, is not the China virus, but their information dissemination operatives who spew out garbage with every breath they can muster, every second of their worthless lives.

Democracy functions only when the institutes of information distribution operate to provide contextual understanding of issues under consideration. Yet, what is the current state of information dissemination in the West? Do these provide any context to any issues that the public wishes to understand, or rather do these media and education outlets actively strive to manipulate and twist information to manufacture perspectives that coincide with their agendas and interests? Why is “freedom of speech/press” sacrosanct, when for the past half a century, these media outlets have done but naught to coordinate efforts in undermining their respective civil societies with half-truths and outright lies? The classical conditioning of the Western mind to instinctively defend “freedom of speech/press” would bewilder Pavlov himself.

The voting public of the West has no clear understanding of their current circumstances, nor the relevant political issues affecting their daily lives. Worse, they favor the manufactured issues and circumstances, of marginal relevance, their “free press” instruct them to believe as important and think accordingly to what their information masters command. Thus, indeed, their populist whores elected to office can claim, with plausible deniability, that they are acting in the interest of the public conditioned to believe that the interests of their masters coincide with their own interests. When those whose mental capacity does not allow for discriminating between candy and detergent products have the capacity to influence sociopolitical policies, how can any sane man consider such political arrangement to be rational or beneficial? Ignorant voting populace is more dangerous and damaging to a society than that of an unhinged emperor; for even a Caligula could be turned away from ill-conceived foreign expeditions.

Western democracy is dead. This humanist experiment ought to be discontinued, and a more rational political arrangement must be established, if the West desires to preserve what remains of their society. A thorough re-examination of their sociopolitical policies must be conducted to evaluate benefits and hazards of every “self-evident” privileges (termed “rights”) granted to its subjects. It is not Russian intervention, or Chinese money, that threaten Western sociocultural survival, but the poisonous humanist assumptions and their insidious “free press.” Without radical reorganisation of their sociopolitical matrix, the West will continue its political dissolution and social disintegration.


I'll be doing a post today as part of my enlightenment series called The Enlightenment and the J.Q. They had the secularism aspect right as ghost stories don't make for a better foundation for a society. Obviously I disagree with the humanist manifesto and consider the metaphysics mistaken. I suggested in my last video that the powers that be (Jewish interests) created a false structural choice with communism and capitalism likely premised on the two pillars of Kabbalah. I suggest a healthy divide would and should have been horizontal: so the bottom of the pyramid should have been guaranteed property rights which is, as you know, antithetical to Marx.
At any rate, it ain't the Inuit that controls the lying press. It ain't the Inuit that is destroying the enemies of Judaism. And as much as the top of the pyramid wants to 100% percent deny the truth of their destructive actions it doesn't change what they've done and continue to do. American Christianity is a jokerville of carnival barkers for a reason: it's exactly what the printing presses of the god KA$H want it to be and this Judaization of Christendom started in modernity with Mendelson who rewrote the Christian script which led to the Schofield fraud...Look to the fingerprints of who've done this and everything falls into place.
But in the end, you'll get your theocracy for a time. If that's what you want and that isn't clear in your post so I don't mean to assume your preferred political structure.
Stay well...

Jews do seem to get blamed a lot for various nefarious conspiracies. If true, for a people screwed over by the Christendom for 2000 years, their hatred towards Christianity is quite understandable. If the Jews patiently planned the eventual destruction of Christianity, using Christian puppets, for 2000 years, I say they earned their right to be at the top, currently.

If Christians desire to reclaim their prior hegemony over their ancestral lands, then they ought also to plan and organise, as the Jews have done for the past 2000 years. Rather than blaming the Jews, the Christians should evaluate how they lost their place, and condemn those fools who sold their heritage to foreign interests. When the Tokugawa shogunate realised the pernicious influence of Jesuit missions in Nagasaki, they acted swiftly to prevent further infiltration of foreign ideas into their sociocultural matrix. The Qing failure to excise foreign religion within their own people resulted in the Taiping war that killed more people than the combined deaths in the Great War. It seems that the greater threat to Christians are not the Jews, but those within their own ranks who undermine their own heritage and identity.

You have many presuppositions about the whole bloody mess that I don't share. The primary one is the Jews have not been or are not now victims. The Exodus is complete fiction. In fact, when the RCC murdered all the Marcionites ( the largest church in antiquity) and Gnostics who know the truth about Yahweh it was the end of authentic belief in the Kristos and the beginning of a 1700-year deception.
Here is that video I mentioned and the other links in the series are attached:

Their Messiah is going to claim rule over every nation on earth so you're country ain't off the hook. If one's country has a debt currency central bank then it's already compromised...The game is definitely on! Oh, and BTW., the Jesuits were not teaching 'normalized' Christianity but rather Kabbalism as were the Masons. See Scott Ostatt's 4-hour doc. Secrets In Plain Sight which proves this beyond all reasonable doubt.
To my thinking, the most interesting part of your reply is that my view suggests that all the nations WILL be returned to their religious heritage (as much as possible) as a part of the foundation for the Messiah and the implementation of worldwide Noahide Laws. So that pushback, as you described, is beginning. Neoliberal globalism was not the end of history but another device of the dialectic. But it's important to note once the Noahide Laws are implemented on a worldwide scale it will have achieved the WHOLE earth(think of Satan/Yahweh offering Jesus the whole earth) living under a fiction as Noah is a phantom myth. At that point, the Aeon Christ (Kristos) who was not a Jewish carpenter will intervene.

All the best:)

P.S. True Gnostic Christians will never use violence and practice Ahimsa, The Golden Rule, The Non-Aggression Principle, and Kant's Categorical Imperative. It's why we always end up dead! All the demiurgic slaughter via religion isn't done by true Gnostic Christians who would never behave in such despicable ways.
As for the Jews? For the most part, we think they're spiritual retards and best described as 'the blind leading the blind'...One of the names of the Demiurge is 'the blind god'...

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