The real Star Wars is happening now in our galaxy. Andromeda Council and the Intergalactic Soul Council Part I of VI

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Being censored. Many people are stating they are being censored. Some have had their youtube channels removed and others have been banned for life from twitter. The Specter malware is but one of many tools which have been made available to re-direct people away from resources from which we can understand what is going on in our world. A lot of people are experiencing keys on their keyboards do not work in some programs, in my experience Facebook is one of the most frustrating. Write a comment and click the enter button and nothing happens. All this time spent on Facebook developing groups, friends, resources and when a person communicates they need support for whatever reason their FB friends learn that they cannot even private message their FB friend. This is a tiny indication of the bigger resources which are available, the tiny bee-like drones which sit at the ready, dropped by the millions, which are carrying whatever chip or virus or poison which has been selected to kill entire populations in areas where the buildings, technology and infrastructure is more important than the living beings. Human, hybrid or EBEN (extra-biological entity aka bi-pedal). Many people may now be aware of the Graeda Treaty which includes that NUCLEAR weapons are forbidden. What we may not know is the Andromeda Council does not play by the rules. The Saturn (Satanic), Moloch, Luciferian energy continues to feed on our fear, anger, greed, pain and will continue to use the means and methods which have been developed to provide maximum energy, confusion and continued allegiance. Not every person in the countries which are part of the Andromeda Agreement are corrupt or even know about the Andromeda Council's agreement with their countries. It is this agreement which has allowed for these people to be used as targets, weapons, guinea pigs and slaves. If and when the US troops are involved it has been with full complicity and knowledge of these countries governments and controllers at the highest levels. Whether for profit, power or entertainment. The Intergalactic Soul Council also known as the Regional Galactic Governance Council is working very diligently to protect out planet and the living beings. ET Regional Galactic Governance Council: We will decloak our Spaceship fleet; Speak at the United Nations; and Renew the Earth's Ecology By Alfred Lambremont Webre Stanley.jpg

In an exclusive, in-depth interview on Exopolitics Radio with Alfred Lambremont Webre, former NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham has stated that a regional galactic governance authority, (the ‘Council of 8’) made a dramatic decision in January, 2010 to put aside the law of non-intervention.

At a solemn meeting, the 'Council of 8' decided to intervene with their technology to clean Earth’s atmosphere before an environmental collapse occurs on Earth, as has happened on many other inhabited planets with civilizations similar to our own.

The 'Council of 8' did so, according to Mr. Fulham’s information, after reaching a conclusion that that our human technology could not now prevent an environmental collapse and species extinction on Earth from occuring.

According to Mr. Fulham, this is a rare decision by the 'Council of 8', and is partly a result of Council members wishing to preserve the unique positive qualities of our human population.

The ''Council of 8',' according to Mr. Fulham’s information, consists of the intelligent civilizations of,

    the Pleiades




    Alpha Centauri


    Zeta Reticuli


This cleanup of the Earth’s atmosphere will, according to Mr. Fulham’s information, commence in 2015 after a 2014 speech at the United Nations by the 'Council of 8'’s Pleiadian representatives.

The 'Council of 8's' appearance in 2014 at the United Nation’s General Assembly may occur, according to Mr. Fulham’s information, following a collapse of the present world order and the emergence of a new way of living during the period 2010 - 2014.

This transitional 2010-14 period may be accompanied by possible earth changes, monetary collapse, and governmental and nation state collapse.

Mr. Fulham stated in his Exopolitics Radio interview that the regional galactic governance council (‘'Council of 8'’) had chosen New York City for an initial Oct 13, 2010 UFO 'decloaking' because it was a global, cosmopolitan city with a blasé population that would not be frightened of their appearance.

There are multiple, independent evidentiary sources that prove the Oct. 13, 2010 UFO sightings over New York City were the result of an intervention by a non-Earthly intelligent civilization, and not the result of 'other causes' such as released balloons.

The original plan of the 'Council of 8', taken at a meeting in January 2010, had been for simultaneous UFO appearances on Oct 13, 2010 over major world cities.

The purpose of these 'Council of 8' UFO appearances, which are set to increase in the future, is to acclimatize Earth humans to the Council of 8's presence and decision to intervene.

The increased UFO sightings in the future are meant to lead up to a world speech by the 'Pleiadian' representatives of the 'Council of 8' in the General Assembly hall at the United Nations in 2014... For up to the minute news and links to some of the most important information necessary for understanding what is really going on this is the ORIGINAL and RELIABLE and RESPONSIBLE exoplotics link: This communication is difficult for me to write. I have learned nearly everything I respect as reliable, from the dream state, which has been the resource from which I have passed tests and gained qualifications including 2 Psy.Ds, an NVQ level IV Registered Manager Award in Health & Social Care, UbD Teaching qualification, MSc F & N (Nursing Master: Science of Food & Nutrition). This is the 3rd computer which has been corrupted and the 4th has not yet arrived. Therefore, please forgive the formatting. The mark-up tools do not work, nor does the enter key. The cursor jumps, as if not under my control and so, it will take me hours to do what should be possible in less than 2 hours. I am not the only one, the trap door specter malware has been built into our technology resources. The Deep State complicit, even funding the attacks on our communication resources. As we have been traveling the world working as Foreign language teachers, medical professionals, authors, conference speakers, advisors and our government has been providing military supremacy for the elite, Illuminati, cabal the Andromeda council has been working to gain the upper hand in the COSMIC war arena. While we have been called conspiracy theorists, tinfoil hats, nutters and anarchists the Starseeds, Indigo, Crystal and Light workers have been working with the Regenance Galactic Governance Council - Intergalactic Soul Council. Many have already returned to the higher dimension and continue to work with us now. The Andromeda Council has been able to organize more efficiently using tactics such as confidentiality, patent rules, secret and classified designations. In short they have been hidden behind a veil of deception. While we have watched our military be used throughout the world to defend 'freedom', the 'constitution' and protect 'US' the truth is We have been used, abused and deceived. Having a new POTUS who states his belief in the 1776 constitution and the work of people like Dr. J. J. Hurtak gives me hope that the scattered resources of the truly illuminated people and beings will prevail. That Earth will continue to be a viable planet for the continuing world of soul development. It is sad to think the Illuminati will achieve the same result which has already occurred in our solar system three times, the loss of a planet due to human arrogance believing that it is not possible for technology to be used as a planetary weapon of destruction controlled by the technology. Which is controlled by an evil we have been conditioned to believe is non-existent. scullbones3.gif Screenshot-2018-1-11 About the Andromeda Council(2).png Know thine enemy 1. Espania - Spain - LORD PINDAR, 2. Portugal 3. Germany 4. France 5. Italy 6. Russian Federation 7. Czech Republic 8. Poland 9. Greece 10. Turkey 11. Israel 12. United Arab Emirates 13. India 14. China 15. Japan 16. Korea About the author
Sandra is a psychologist, teacher and autism expert who has written individualized diets for thousands of people around the world. Since 1994 she has been giving 'Sara's Diet' consultations for families affected by autism. Understanding how humanity is undergoing enormous changes in response to the environmental stresses of the modern world, she has seen how the immune system is undergoing a transformation in its function, leading to the explosion in chronic health conditions that effect us emotionally and physically.Along with her husband, Max Desorgher, she formed World Community Autism Program, and traveled the world to teach people about the relationship between diet, environment and well-being.

For more information on her autism work, visit her consultation page on the WCAP website: Ascension Earth – Birth of a new Sun. Meet the Ancients The Power of Exile. Autism, a journey to recovery Autism, the Way Forward The Kingmakers

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