Holy Mother of God it is worse than we thought. Bayer, Merck & Monsanto are 1 - creators of the zombie apocalypse

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I sleep when I am called and in this dreamscape I do not know what I am viewing, laboratories which are closed. It is dark and the lights are out. The Mantid, the Guardian who finally revealed a gender (male) and name (NAHOR - ROHAN meaning: staff of the Shepherd) expresses a thought. This is not unusual but in all my 60 years I have never known the Mantid to express a thought which conveyed religious connotation, a thought which could be used to alter my personal free will and in his release I understood his thought to be Holy Mother of God it is worse than we thought possible.

I checked twitter and the first post in my twitter feed is from Joseph P. Farrell was an article in Giza Death Star: https://gizadeathstar.com/2018/03/gmo-geopolitics-eu-set-approve-bayers-takeover-monstersanto/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+CommentsForGizaDeathStar+%28Comments+for+Giza+Death+Star%29#comment-80683


The article references an article published earlier this year. February 28th, released Mar. 1st, 2018 by RT:

EU to approve ‘marriage made in hell’ between Bayer & Monsanto

In the Giza death Star Farrell says - I blogged about GMO geopolitics and the Ukraine, and what appeared to be not only Western meddling with the food supply in general, but a scheme to turn "Europe's breadbasket" into a GMO testbed, complete with IMF loans and the presence of Mon(ster)santo in that nation... it portends is the re-emergence of I.G. Farben in a a new guise, that of "agribusiness giant", a vast agribusiness cartel that controls the lion's share of the GMO market, which is already dominated by but a few corporations.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Bayer - Merck - Monsanto ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Between them they have owned or controlled all of the patents for all of the drugs, pharmaceuticals and bioweapons not controlled by a few other small pharmaceutical companies in Asian countries or secret laboratories including FLAKKA (Merck, 1907). FLAKKA also known as ecstacy and how is it that videos such as these are compiled showing such a large number of individuals in different places all reacting to FLAKKA and made ready to scare the living crap out of anyone who were to watch and not see the resemblance to the Mandela effect videos, also designed to scare us. And, I am not saying we should remain indifferent. The opposite of love has been said by many to be hatred. I tend to think it may be indifference. Run hot or run cold, but for the people's sake get off the fence.

So, perhaps if you can imagine that Lyme borealis merges with poison resistant lice and is brought to us in our furniture and mattresses from sources that offer cheaper products, say for example - CHINA. Then you might check with some teacher friends from the UK and find that 50% of school children have headlice which leads to infection. Add, on top of this the dehydrating effects of antihistamine medications, scratching and infections. The reports that the headlice medications are insufficient and that as many as 90% of children in some UK schools have headlice. The failure of any mainstream media to cover headlice pandemic and the relationship of headlice to acute infected dermatitis and we have a serious problem. Children who are going through their public education with serious non-medical problems which are affecting their mental well-being and ability to concentrate and learn. A susceptibility to accept anything which dulls the PAIN. A massive profit potential for the companies producing over-the-counter products targeting this population, a failure of the government to provide adequate information to the medical establishment while at the same time failing to provide access to medical care and support for a large segment of the population, in a timely manner, in both Europe and the Americas.

Add to this the GMO foods, processed foods in poisoned coated packaging, the chemtrails raining down nanobots and extremophile fragments and we have everything we need for people's skin to break out in rashes which are being brought to the screen by Hollywood and programming through programs such as Game of Thrones.


The skin, the largest organ of the human body - the border wall between self and non-self which experiences a different world when we leave the womb and enter into the world which is light and is no longer the waterworld from whence we came.


The luteal phase esters, the lutein from food described to us as a substance needed for our vision. Supplements manufactured. Perhaps I am different but then so are many others who have chosen to use a lutein free diet over the past twenty years to alleviate the symptoms of autism. The thing is, I was born blind in my left eye and choosing a lutein free diet might seem risky but after just a short while on the lutein free diet I was able to gain vision and with glasses perfect vision in my left eye. After several years on the lutein free diet I no longer need the verifocals, bifocals or any glasses as all and I am now sixty years of age. My adopted daughter had a 9.25 prescription in one eye and a 9.75 for the other eye and a diagnosis of severe autism, IQ score less than 60 and also diagnosis of severe hyperactivity. After 5 months on the lutein free diet she was moved from special education to main stream grade 5, participated in the spelling bee, became the homecoming queen in the 6th grade. She grew up to attend college, was engaged to be married and her eyeglass prescription reduced every year until 2006 when she died of sudden death in epilepsy.

Please consider that there are crimes perpetrated against us for evil, for money and for power. #WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll

Unirock does a dive into conspiracies from the 1980s:

Remember everything which we see, hear, taste, smell, touch, think and eat is our diet. It is not limited to food. Be careful what you eat. A diet of truth is best, in my opinion. A diet which includes ALL the plants which have been provided to us by the Creator and of these the healing properties of cannabis is overwhelmingly recognized, respected and heinously controlled by EVIL.


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