Generation Conflict in Korea and Social Evolution

in politics •  7 months ago

When I have walked around downtown in Seoul in Korea, I could come across the demonstration demanding release the former president Park Guen Hae who was ousted from the presidency at almost every weekend. Now she was under trial in the court.



They were mainly the old aged generation who demonstrated for demanding to set the former president free.


Young generations are against the old generation's appeal and even very negative to release the former president.

Now the conflict between the generations is undergoing in Korea

What makes this conflict and discrepancy ?

Old generation urges their experience of korean war and the poverty they went though. So more strong control is needed to overcome the threat from North korea.

Young generation points out that time and situation was changed from that of old generation's.
They didn't want to listen the experience what the old generation had.
They demand more freedom and liberty.

This kinds of conflict and discrepancy had been more than several thousands years ago.

It was unbelievable, through such a long time, we human couldn't solve this problem.
It means that we didn't evole in social aspects.
People is social animal. If we couldn't solve the problem for thousands of years, is there any hope to say that human history is developing.

The true characteristics of human never have been developed and evolved.
Is the social evolution possible ?

If not, it is tragedy of mankind.


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Your post today reminds me of a poem, @slowwalker:

If you agree with me
And I agree with you,
Will there not still be
two different points of view?

HEGEL saw this dialectic as a necessary aspect of societal evolution - Thesis gives rise to antithesis until finally evolving toward a synthesis. Then it all begins again.

Marx called it class warfare.

Whatever one calls it, it's a permanent feature of the human condition. We take sides and line up on the left or right, with some in the middle.

A true democracy fosters this process, allows it and nurtures it.

There are no shortcuts to consensus - and the best governments allow the free play of ideas, while respecting the rights of all.

I think democracy is working quite well in Korea, my friend.


Marx was a lying scumbag

I used to live in Seoul, from 2001 to 2004. I lived mostly on the US army base in embassy housing because my old man was a diplomat.

Even then (as a not bright 12 year old who spoke a minimal amount of “hanglish”*) it definitely seemed like a divide between the youth and the ajushi’s (sp? Meaning old man)

*a bad mix of Hangul and English


you are right

Well this may due to the generation gap also the difference between there view how they country they want . It's normal and if youth want change them this is going to happened next.

if it speaks politically it will not be inexhaustible and we must be careful in deciding our judgment...sometimes the older generation has experiences that we can learn from the older generation.., good post @slowwalker and have a great day

Korean are very aggresive people
Nice post about politics


once they were too passive


This is exactly right, at one point they were very passive. Agreed.

Interesting writing, there is always a difference of view between the older and younger generations, for me, the difference should strengthen the togetherness and character of a nation. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker


thank you for comment


The old and the new, never quite understand each other fully. Therein lies the trust deficit. For the old, the new is just too random and reckless and for the new the old is just too slow. But universe has a way of balancing things out. Everything falls in place eventually. Koreans are a wonderful people, especially the old timers.
-- With love from India

nice culture my friend, i agree with you @slowwalker

this difference is everywhere in the world not in south korea.This difference also exist in the all fields.. Old generations thinks separate.. and young generation have their own point of view.. finally it prevail in all over the world and in every field of life


and there were no progress through history


thanks for agree

very fine post

i hope you vote or follow

I know most people like to wrap it up ' we live to live in harmony', ' the youth and the old have to understand each other' but I don't believe that. Korea became a country of corruption because of the votes of the old people, who weren't rational enough to seperate the dictator and his daughter . Revolution and evolution is a one way street, not harmony. The youth will change the society with a few intelligent old people. That's what I believe.


I wish your believe come true

how their demands,
is it handled?

The true feeling towards the US presence in South Korea never makes it into the minds of the American people.

Unless you read Chalmers Johnson.


Chalmers Johnson?


"Chalmers Johnson was an American author and professor emeritus of the University of California, San Diego. He served in the Korean War, was a consultant for the CIA from 1967 to 1973, and chaired the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of California, Berkeley from 1967 to 1972.[2] He was also president and co-founder with Steven Clemons of the Japan Policy Research Institute (now based at the University of San Francisco), an organization promoting public education about Japan and Asia.[3]

He wrote numerous books including, most recently, three examinations of the consequences of American Empire: Blowback, The Sorrows of Empire, and Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic."


thank you so much.
i will try to read


good post
plise votes back for me..

both Korea is very dangerous.


Why ? You watch to much tv my friend
And read to much propaganda

Thanks for sharing the pics from there

my wife and i have agreed we will probably visit South Korea in 2019 - hope you are well and wishing you a great day my friend - upvoted and rock on - David

i dont know much about korean but they are very aggressive people and they cant fear to take any action, thing about generation then there is always different between old and new generation because both are thinking on different way, hope it not create trouble for them.

i don't know how to say about politics , but your post is really good , generations conflict is not only in korea, but also in China . thanks for sharing !

The things that I can learn is, old generations are wiser than the young ones. Thanks for informing us the situation around Korea @slowwalker. It is full of lesson learnt.

You know very much about korea. . If you are genuine from there friend???

Interesting content. I have to say that also here in Italy older and young generation have different points of view about many arguments, especially about political field. The younger generation doesn't listen the experiences of the older generationand the older generation doesn't listen the ideas of the younger. I think is the "circle of life" because I've seen the same things all my life...

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Thank you for sharing
you have my upvote plus a resteem

Two generations meet there is hope ... and solidarity between generations is a good thing


They will be forced to join forces if this war breaks out!

How do you feel about the new prez more openness to deal with the North ?

Thanks for this posts. Your are really teaching a lot to the world about Korea conflict.

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

Great take on the generations. This is happening in the US as well as most of the World. For instance in the Middle East, 60% of the population is UNDER 30 years old, while 50% of the population is under 25. These are HUGE numbers and the old guard is trying to hold onto something that simply does not make sense. There are shifts happening, whether we believe them or not that are heading us towards a new day. The question becomes how do we make it go peacefully, if we can at all?


Thank you for sharing

I have followed u n waiting ur next post

Dear Mr. @slowwalker, this does seem to be a human condition that we do not learn from our past mistakes. The older generation verse's the younger generation is at odds in many countries. 🐓🐓