Time to DRAFT BERNIE to start an INDEPENDENT 3RD PARTY! www.draftbernie.org

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I will convert my SBD from this post to USD to donate to www.draftbernie.org.  YOU can donate by upvoting and commenting!



On the official Draft Bernie website, you will find a petition to sign which will be delivered to Bernie personally.  This petition can show Bernie that we are still behind him and the revolution he started during his 2016 campaign.  They also created a "crowdpac" contribution option.  You can donate to a third party founded by Bernie, but your card WILL NOT BE CHARGED until Bernie officially creates the party.  Sign up to volunteer and get prepared for a BERNSTORM coming to a city near you!

Despite Bernie's best attempts at bringing in new members and reforming the Democratic Party, the effect seems to be minimal.  The party is showing an unwillingness to change from its corporatist ways, and its reputation has been tarnished to the point of no return.  The Democrats current strategy will certainly lose to Trump in 2020.  They have gone 0 - 4 in special elections against Republicans.  Most recently, Jon Ossoff (D) lost to Karen Handel (R) in Georgia despite outspending her SEVEN TO ONE!

<a href="https://imgbb.com/"><img src="" alt="Screen Shot 2017 06 25 at 3 58 33 PM" border="0" /></a>

People have lost faith in the Democratic Party (for good reason).


According to a recent Gallup poll (http://www.gallup.com/poll/210725/democratic-party-image-dips-gop-ratings-stable.aspx), the favorability rate for Democrats has dropped 5%, while the Republican rate has remained unchanged.


Gallup also reveals another alarming trend.  Since the general election, the Democratic party is losing members while the Republican party is actually growing.  (http://www.gallup.com/poll/15370/party-affiliation.aspx)  



While I will not lift a finger for the corrupt Democratic Party, I am desperate for a party to fight for.  I plan to raise as much money as I can through this amazing Steemit platform.  Any Steem Dollars I make from ANY post about Draft Bernie I will donate directly to the organization.  I hope to hit the road soon and start attending progressive rallies and making videos of my experiences.  Follow me for more opportunities to get involved!  


Come back to your revolution Bernie.  It's party time.

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Big Bernie fan but he sold out at the convention :-(


I agree. I was protesting in Philadelphia for the convention, and I saw firsthand the lengths they went through to silence us, and Bernie went along with it all. However, he IS still the most popular politician in the country, and probably the only one with the name recognition to actually pull this off. So, I'm willing to forgive him if he goes through with it and rejoins his revolution.


but why? he accepted the donation money and accepted the fact that he got run out of the DNC.


There are many lies about Bernie. He is the most popular politician in the country, and they are afraid of him.

Got a question for you.

Would you steal from your own neighbor? Probably not.

But I imagine you have no problem voting for a man who would through the use of government force.

Time to be consistent, just saying!


Careful not to jump to conclusions. The media is attacking him because he is popular and because he fights for the people and against war. Allegations don't prove anything, just look the Trump Russia hysteria.

heck the Podesta emails- as far as I'm concerned Bernie was a player in the entire rigged DNC primary process- the Podesta emails make it clearly that there were clearly 'off limit' topics- as far as I'm concerned anyone that agrees to that sort of crap is corrupted. Not to mention he's under investigation for bank fraud.

That being said I think Sanders is merely a flawed human being, as we all are, that unfortunately caved in the face of evil that is HRC's DNC.


You're so right. Bernie give us the finger and bent the knee to Hillary and the establishment before his campaign was even over. I think he didn't want to be blamed if Donald Trump won.

Regardless, he is the only politician popular enough right now to start a third party. Hopefully Tulsi Gabbard can be some day, but most people haven't heard of her yet. I'm willing to forgive him for his previous misjudgment, if he is willing to come back to our side and fight back against the establishment that screwed him so badly.

And this whole bank fraud investigation thing is very unfortunate, but innocent until proven guilty.