A Case for Civil Discourse

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A Case for Civil Discourse


I very recently came across The Rubin Report. While watching an episode today, I realized that someone has written a book that is based on the premise of something that I've been saying for a while.

People really only talk to people that support their own stance, and "demonize" those that disagree.

When researching to write his book, Ken Stern (former CEO of NPR) gave seeing things from the opposing camp a shot; and he found something interesting along the way. When you live in a bubble that only allows like minded individuals in; how will you know if you've witnessed the truth? Those aren't his words. Well, they could be but, I haven't received the book yet.

What I understand from the video is very similar to the opinion I have held for a while now. If you consider yourself a conservative you should be engaging with "liberals" (in a civil manner); in order to keep yourself informed of the opposing views and, to keep your opinion of the opposition in check. Obviously the reverse would be true if you consider yourself a liberal.

It's kind of like the teenager who talks to their friends about the problems they are dealing with, instead of their parents. It always feels nice, when you're going through a bad break up, to have someone who cares about you tell you how right you are to feel the way you do. Your parents, on the other hand, want to tell you how "Everything will be alright", how "There'll be other boys/girls", "You've still got your whole life ahead of you!"

Many of the things our parents tell us in those times of need are both true, and what we need to hear; but it's hardly ever what we want to hear. I feel like the situation is much the same when we're talking about the problems that affect more than just our broken hearts. The things that will help the situation the most, are usually not the ones that make us feel the best. People, in general, try to avoid confrontation. It's much easier to dismiss the things that the opposition puts forth as irrelevant, instead of trying to assimilate the information and/or rebut it.

I encourage you to watch the linked videos and see if you can identify with what Mr. Stern is saying. I think it would be very beneficial to our society if we all talked a little less, and listened a little more. I'm often reminded of the old adage:

"We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak." - Epictetus

I think Steemit can be the place where people come to have a real conversation about how we might better our world by bettering our respective communities. What's your opinion?


Thanks for publishing this type of article.
I like this comment, "We have two ears and one mouth so we can hear twice what we talked about." - Epictet
Sometimes we fall into the error of talking more and listening less.

I think we sometimes even fall into the issue of forgetting we have ears at all 🤔

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Great article! Resteemed!

Thank you so much for the resteem @james318! I really appreciate the exposure!

That's a good start! Wanna talk about it?

Thanks for the post. I have learned in my 40+ years of political activism that no amount of civility can beat/convert committed evil though. Many liberals are brainwashed nearly beyond all but the power of prayer. Yes, civility is important, but not when it is taken to the point of yielding truth which many conservatives (and faux conservative, controlled-opposition types) do on a regular basis. Surrender is worse than fighting, and sometimes treasonous and evil ideas need to be attacked as vigorously and as viciously as necessary. I say be civil, until you can't be anymore. (That is Biblical too, btw...)

Could you give an example of the "committed evil" you refer to in your reply? I feel as though those are very strong words and maybe we could benefit a bit from your experiences and/or views.

Good information... Thank for sharing

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Very nice blog. Almost every person in the world is liberal. People often do tend to speak in favour of the opposing comment to avoid confrontation.

Are liberals the overwhelming majority in your experience?

Here, in the United States, it seems to be about equal, at least in the circles of people that I'm exposed to. Lately, there have been text battles of epic proportion all over Facebook. It used to be that I would get on FB once a week or so to "catch up". Now, I can't even put up with the seething hatred, that seems rampant there, long enough to see who's birthday I'm missing.

As far as Steemit is concerned though, I kind of feel like I'm preaching to the choir; we all seem to be pretty level headed on here.

In my personal experience it's not that overwhelming. For me it depends on which sorts of people I am dealing with. Friends are different, close friend on a different level. Just like family and close relatives. I am sorry if I am not clear enough, but I hope you are understanding what I am trying to explain here.
And your FB issue... Hehehe.. It's the same all over the world. Fb was a big deal a long time ago. But as time passes by people get busy and things get overlooked.. And the result you already experienced.
Well i am new to steemit, but i feel like here at least i can write a piece of my mind and listen to others without any pressure of being judged unlike Fb.
Keep up the good work and keep writing.

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