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from SGTreport.com:

412anon, Grand Torino and Dragon return to SGTreport to discuss the very latest news from the great awakening, Q and President Trump VS. the deep state and pedophile cover-upper mockingbird media. And Dragon makes a bold prediction.

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Good one!...

As the American news drifts back into election fever I wonder what it would take to get the alternative media to speak of the existence of the Alternative political parties ....I makes me wonder why they cannot get any air time on the Alternative media sites ... Even the Alternative media act as if only two parties exist. And this seems to be true in most countries the local Alternative media ignores the Alternative political parties .... You would think this to be a match made in heaven ... Or is there something a foot here Watson lol

The establishment knows that as long as they keep us separated due to trivial reasons, that they can advance their agendas . We have to break down what they’ve built , and truly support one another to take them all down . If they wanted A war , then lets give them one from all of us . Let’s make it so damn hard to get a lie past us that they are run out of every place they go to❗️I’m still waitting for both Bill Nye the science guy and Neil DeGrasse Tyson to give me an answer to my questions as to how did the astronauts make it to the moon past deadly radiation belts with NO INSULATION to protect against it ⁉️ NO RESPONSE, and its been months , and I posted it on Facebook for the world to see . When I go to town hall meetings and these circus clowns 🤡 running for office have a Q & A . I always ask them how did two planes knock down three skyscrapers on 9/11 , and do they buy that story ❓Right now I wish sheeple would take a look at whats running in communist Illinois . What a joke the governors race is from the democrats . Most of the commercials look as if he and running mate are running a popularity contest and not for the highest office of Illinois ⁉️ You really should make a video about this . Completely out of touch race . So far I’ve learned that JB can tell a joke , and his favorite sports team is the Chicago Blackhawks , and that his running mate can karaoke ⁉️ I mean REALLY⁉️ Nothing about our GIGANTIC DEBT thatis threatening to sink this state⁉️NOTHING on how they plan to get us out of it ⁉️ The most revealing answers from them are NO ANSWER . It says a lot when they don’t answer .


Serial Brain2 = Quantum = Q ANON! Ping-pong between Serial Brain2 - Liberty Lioness Exposed!!!!


Back Door Spy Net of Shadow Government Found! A NATIONAL EMERGENCY!