PEARL HARBOR: ROOSEVELT'S 9/11 -- James Perloff

in politics •  11 months ago


On this, the 76th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we remember the fallen by telling the TRUTH about what happened on that December 7th day, and on the days leading up to, the day that will live in infamy. And just like 9/11, it was at the very least, allowed to happen. Author James Perloff joins me to share the on the record historical FACTS.

James' article: PEARL HARBOR: ROOSEVELT'S 9/11

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Thank You @sgtreport Listening to it now

conspiracy news just coming from you bro!

Using catastrophes to create consent for war is one of the oldest tricks in the book

Good information...thanks for this

Thaks for sharing. Great help!

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Can't agree more! The veil is slowly being lifted and people are waking up to how and why these wars are orchestrated. It's for monetary gains for the elite who bankroll both sides and those who make their millions or billions making the weapons that destroy countries and kill innocent civillians. It's chilling when you find out how evil and money hungry the elitists that control this world. Half of all war is theatre but the men and women that puts their lives at risk everyday is real. These patriots are deceived by evil people and unfortunately pay with their health and lives. WE COULD END POVERTY ACROSS THE WHOLE WORLD BUT THESE PEOPLE WOULD RATHER FILL THEIR VAULTS WHILE THE 99% PERCENT ARE GRINDING TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING!

Just got done listening to this interview a 2nd time.
Truly, you-2-guys are a dynamic duo.
Really enjoy when you team-up together.

And, there's no question whatsoever "who the guilty parties are".
Will this group be purged in my lifetime[?] is my only question.
WE know who they are.
They've come out of the shadows now for ALL to see.

Consider DJT-Donald Drumpf/Trump now the official presidential-puppet of the Zio States of America after his recognition of Jerusalem and gettin' butt-f_cked by BB and the Rothschild Kosher Nostra.
Did the AMERICAN PEOPLE want that?
I don't think so.

Thank You James & Sean.
Regards X-

Trump = the german family name Drumpf , which is 100%
"Looks Like Donald Trump is Jewish"

SGT always insightful, well documented information. We appreciate all that you do for the truth community!