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by SGT,

The Southern Poverty Law Center was once best known for its "hate map" which tracks "extremist groups", but despite George Clooney and Apple, Inc's million dollar donations to the group, the SPLC is quickly becoming best known for the mysterious ways it off shores millions of dollars without explanation. Like George Soros and the ADL, the SPLC is now clearly aligned against the sovereignty of the United States and the best interests of American citizens. As for George Clooney and Apple CEO Tim Cook, they're either willfully ignorant dupes, or members of the tribe.

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Just throwing it out there, Soros known net worth is 25.7 billion. The Koch brothers alone are worth 85.5 billion, and they have 150 donors in the closed network that Dark Money the book covers. Also it is known that the Koch Network is the largest political machine in human history, and is three times larger then the RNC. Why does nobody on the right ever talk about them? Sure, Soros is a large donor to the Dems, but the kochs literally donate to almost every position from local government positions, to Majority of Trumps Cabinet, especially the head of the CIA now, mike

The Koch brothers, as far as I've seen, have been accused of corrupting politicians so they can maintain their wealth. By buying people seats, the Koch brothers ensure that they get things they want, but they keep the system we have in place. If our government didn't expand it's power so much the last 100 years, they would have to compete like business people should in an open market rather than capitalize on cronyism we have now.

Soros, on the other hand, has stated that he wants to turn the U.S. government on its head. He wants chaos which he can use to implement the system he personally sees fit. He wants a socialist dictatorship. He wants to be our Castro, Mao, Stalin, take your pick.

Both are wrong, but what Soros wants is something that can't be fought in the ballot box, which is why he's so dangerous.

You realize before and after the industrial revolution our country was vastly controlled by a few, more so then even today. Then our business class was more monopolized than today, its just starting to become close because of the destruction of new deal policies and regulations that restricted it. The koch brothers are not what you think, and soley dont care if you have persional freedoms or not, also the way you discuss this subject is extremely simple and unfactual. You don't even know what a socialism is if you think any of the people you named were socialist, they were more of a toltarian communist then socialist.

Also you realize, what the kochs want cant be fought at the ballot box either? You realize they control majority of the republican party. They control most of the right in general in this country, their total spending in 2016 election was close to 900 million [the koch network]. Also if you think the kochs dont want a toltarian society that the bottom 90% have no say then you are just missing the point.

In no time in American history has their ever been a true free market system, literally since the birth of the nation you had a elite class, then the industrial revolution made those men more them just a elite class.

You have to look at anything political through objective glasses at all times, otherwise you are just following along some sort of bias ideology. The Soros hate makes me giggle still, its baffling that this is still viewed upon as a pressing issue in the American right. When in reality the republicans are the most corrupt politicians in the world, seconded by the democrats. Plus obama was more republican then reagan, in terms of modern day republicans. Stop following bias news, start finding objective journalist who dont expose their politcal opinions in their work. Otherwise you will always be misinformed.

I study political theory and propaganda btw, not trying to sound like a dick. Just realize that if you think that the kochs are doing it for any reason other then persional gain and power (less power and gain for you and me) then you are misinformed. Soros was that guy in the 90s and early 2000, its the kochs now. If you did the due dilligence and did the research you did on soros on the kochs, then you would see that.

Cheers mate resteemed

I am in the wrong business, I need to start up a non-profit.

SPLC is the biggest hate group and destroys more lives than any other in American history.

Good post.i resteem it



Good report SGT

George Clooney Is a joke, he knows full well the trash he associates with. But, now SGT has removed the veneer of ignorance that George has tried to use. If he continues to support SPLC, he will show his disregard for both truth and charity. Imagine Paul Joseph Watson's "surprise".