Fight Night! Dr.Christine Ford VS Brett Kavanaugh

in #politics5 years ago

After seeing Dr.Christine Blasey Ford's harrowing testimony get questioned by a room full of old white men, the whole thing seemed like a twilight zone episode of Spike TV. So naturally we made it happen. Do you lift?

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Sex-monster Trump's not happy, is he? We know why he wants Kavanaugh - to avoid impeachment (Kavanaugh's stated previously sitting presidents should not be open to impeachment). So it was so predictable Trump'd end up mocking one of Kavanaugh's accusers at one of his little cult gatherings that he enjoys so regularly.

The investigation so far says it all though, doesn't it? America is rotten and doesn't really work, politically, anymore.

Ultimately, though, can the Republican-held senate vote in Kavanagaugh?


After every single one of his lies / weird bits of behaviour?

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