@SenatorBrakey's Steem-Powered Campaign Update: Should American Troops be in 177 Different Countries?

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This week, Senator Brakey discusses the need for a strong national defense and an America First foreign policy.

What do you think? Do the current policies from Washington D.C. put America First? Or do they put America Last?

  • Is it in America's best interests to have our military over-extended across the world in 177 different countries?

  • With $20 trillion in debt, can we afford to send billions in foreign aid to foreign dictators in nations that hate us and burn our flag?

  • After sixteen years, billions of dollars and countless lives spent nation building in Afghanistan, will that land live up to its reputation as the "Graveyard of Empires?"

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

For Liberty!
Eric Brakey

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Wouldn't a bigger issue be, how the dollar is going to sustain itself? At what point does the dollar simply implode? I simply don't see a way the Federal Government being able to pull itself out of the massive accrued debt.

It's great to see politics on Blockhain however.

God Speed Brethren.

By far my favorite candidate running this cycle.
Almost made me want to come back to working campaigns!

Happy to see a fellow mainer here on Steemit! Good luck in your campaign!

We don't need to be the world's police and we don't need to send foreign aid to countries who don't return the favor.

Not that we shouldn't help other nations who have disasters as every life is valuable, but it would be nice if we received a little assistance when we face similar disasters with hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires.